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How to Beat The Indian Politician

How to Beat The Indian  Politician: Section 49-O of the Constitution: (A Repetition worth a read) My Dear INDIAN Brothers & Sisters… We (Me and my wife) have decided to “Not to Vote” in this coming election for any candidate as we don’t consider any person is deserving...
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Paan – mouth freshner

Today I’m interested to introduce you all with PAAN, which is traditional mouth freshener in India, which is having very beautiful history from the era of kings to recent era, it’s still famous as before. So, let’s have a look to know more about our own yummy paan....
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Be a global person

As name suggests, today I will talk about global person who is none other but you. In old times, if a person was intelligent then he could get a job though he was not having good personality or impressive attitude. Then era arrives of people who are having...
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