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Be a global person

As name suggests, today I will talk about global person who is none other but you.

In old times, if a person was intelligent then he could get a job though he was not having good personality or impressive attitude. Then era arrives of people who are having knowledge with positive attitude. Now if we are comparing person with older one person, we will get several changes, thinking wise, ethics wise, knowledge wise, daring wise. I mean today’s person is having good personality, he is having planning for his work, he is aware of future risks, he is good in communication skills, for him to make understand his thoughts is not a big deal.

For example if we are taking example of Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani with his two sons, he established Reliance industry but his sons make it a global company which is a well known company today.

Which is indeed our great luck to have this company in India. Which has covered every business sector of India.

You can find Reliance from petroleum to mobile company, from insurance sector to food sector, it’s everywhere.

They were having dream to make it top company of the world, I believe they will achieve their goal soon.

Same way in Indian cinema, we got eight OSCAR awards for Slumdog Millionaire (2008). It has created history. It was biggest achievement for A.R. Rehman and Indian cinema. I believe that to survive in Indian industry is not a cup of ice-cream any more, actors like Hritik Roshan and all Khan party, everyone is unique but having deadly competition for king of cinema. Competition is getting tougher by passing time. Nothing is as simple as it looks. We can also see many foreign stars are doing Indian movies, same way Indians are doing their movies. Slumdog Millionaire is fresh example of it.

The same situation we are having concerns with education. Before 5 years we were not having plenty of colleges but now  I can see new colleges increasing. So, for bachelor students to get job after completing their studies is really tough thing. They have to be sharp enough to get their job in this speedy changing world. People are getting smarter. Every one has to survive. People are seeking good jobs and opportunity, mostly IT and Computer engineers are moving to U.S.A. if one will check that number of Indians in Microsoft, he will be surprised, so, Indian is not remaining only Indian, he became global person.

For global person whole world lies in his area of work, we are able to see Indians everywhere. So, to get success it is very important to be extrovert, always keen to know about different cultures, respect other cultures to reach success.

I believe that one should be frank enough to listen and accept thoughts of others in today’s era.

To be intelligent is not enough; one should be physically fit as well as socially bounded with family and society. One should fulfill moral responsibility of human being.

So, in every manner a person should be nearby perfect.

He must dare enough to try new things in life, accept new challenges in life.

I know few people who are perfect in their work. Like Farhan Akhtar, a great director, host of “Oye it’s Friday”, singer, actor. He has multidimensional personality. He is youth icon of youngsters. I believe he deserves this place in his fans heart.

So what are you waiting for? Think about you, about your dreams. Ask yourself the question that are you able to think with wide vision of global person rather than a person of only one country? If everyone believes this then I think terrorism will end. If a person will start thinking that whole world is his home to live and every person is having equal right to live happily with every basic facilities. Technology is updated day by day but thinking of few people is not changing. Due to few people all others have to suffer.

I believe that the world is so beautiful with variety of people, cultures, food, in every manner. So, forget about one thing that you belong to which particular country. Join your hand to maintain the beauty of this unique world. Stop terrorism, spread love, help needy people of the world. Indeed then there will be no need to search for heaven, because then heaven will be right here on earth where everyone is living with happiness.

So, join your thinking and intelligence to seek answers for difficult questions with help of technology. Come on, what are you waiting for?



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2 thoughts on “Be a global person

  1. Balvinder Kumar says:

    Very thought provoking article. Conceptual ideas have been well articulated. Congrats

  2. Ebrahim Kabir says:

    I second to what Balvinder wrote, really nice article.

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