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Distribution of 50 copies of book – ‘SpeakBindas’

Few days back, you watched the interview of Chandubhai Virani, Chairman of popular Balaji Wafers Pvt. Ltd. He sponsored an event of distribution of 50 copies of my first book “SpeakBindas – following the inner passion“, for them to be distributed on complimentary basis to students of MBA...
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Interview of Nalin Zaveri

Nalin Zaveri is an example of multitasking with a cool brain. He devotes his humanitarian services to Yogidham Gurukul, Rajkot. Looking at Tyag Vallabh Swamiji’s devotion for the societal activities he was inspired to add his own services to it. He is a true devotee to society as...
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Interview of Tyag Vallabh Swamiji of Yogidham Gurukul

We had a brain-storming interview with Pujya Tyag Vallabh Swamiji who is Secretary of Sarvodaya Kelavani Samaj, Yogidham Gurukul , Rajkot. In this interview of duration more than 25 minutes, he exclusively shares his views on education, devotion and humanitarian services. He shares his views on creative education...
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