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Interview of Tyag Vallabh Swamiji of Yogidham Gurukul

Tyag Vallabh Swamiji

We had a brain-storming interview with Pujya Tyag Vallabh Swamiji who is Secretary of Sarvodaya Kelavani Samaj, Yogidham Gurukul , Rajkot. In this interview of duration more than 25 minutes, he exclusively shares his views on education, devotion and humanitarian services.

He shares his views on creative education and talks about loop holes in the present, examination oriented education system. For him education is something which helps in the development of a person with humanitarian virtues too and not only financial developmental ones. He believes in finding the creativity in every child and provide the appropriate education to him which sharpens his skills further. He doesn’t believe in common herd-following education where every parents want their child to be a doctor first, then engineer, then pharmacist and so on without considering the interest and passion of the child.

Tyag Vallabh Swami

He puts weightage on the importance of extra reading which can play a founding role in every child’s future development. He serves and lives amongst the youth, motivating them and showing them the right direction.

During the interview he mentions a beautiful quote recited by Param Pujya Hari Prasad Swamiji as:

Youth is not careless but cared less.”

This indeed is a scenario in majority. Most of the people blame youth for several reasons and ultimately handover the certificate of “careless” to them. But Hari Prasad Swamiji talks beyond the normal thinking. He uses the word “cared less”, which means a lot if we dig its meaning deep. Youth is always open to new ideas and adventures. They are looking for role models who can provide them the guidance to progress in a right direction. And if they really feel that they are being cared, they can make wonders.

Tyag Vallabh Swami

Tyag Vallabh Swamiji also shares a message with youth to worship Almighty God saying that it increases the internal power to progress further. He also believes in doing good for others too without any obligations.

Devang Vibhakar with Tyag Vallabh Swamiji
Devang Vibhakar with Tyag Vallabh Swamiji

You can watch this interview in three parts below. Do share your comment too after watching it.

Videos of Interview – total 3 parts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

We are thankful to Nalin Zaveri for arranging this interview with Swamiji.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

22 thoughts on “Interview of Tyag Vallabh Swamiji of Yogidham Gurukul

  1. dipesh chhaya says:

    It is impressive. At presant Swamiji is facing hardship from all the sides. But they will come out. Ultimately he is helping the society at large to educate young studentrs. We must appreciate this nobel work.

  2. yogesh rajyaguru says:

    i also adhire the coments of dipesh chhaya

  3. Harnish Jani says:

    ચાલો.એકાદ સ્વામી તો સેવા કરે છે-જાણીને આનંદ થયો-બધા લીલાલ્હેર કરવા મંદીરમાં નથી રહેતા.

    આખી જીંદગી -હું ડોક્ટર નથી તેનો વસવસો આજે દૂર થયો- પત્નીને મેં હમણં જ કહ્યું કે “હું ડોકટર નથી પરંતુ હું એક સારો માનવ છું-હવે તું ખૂશ થા.”
    સરસ ઇન્ટર્વ્યુ-અને તમારા મહેમાન પાસેથી સારી સારી માહિતી કઢાવવાની તમારી કળાને સલામ.

  4. khari vaat
    Youth is not careless but cared less …

  5. Vipul Patel says:

    We should Proud for Yogidham & Tyagswamiji…. he has made Rajkot name for one of the best education place in India… As I knw Student from Yogidham is into all over world where ever you go… and As a CEO & Founder of International Mobile Commerce company in India & Globally… I have proude for Yogidham….

  6. Hetal Thakkar says:

    Amazing thoughts and believe me he is not just talking, he has done a lot to change the our study system.
    I proud that i have studied in yogidham which has given so much good and positive values in my life. He has cared for me while I was studying there and after 6 year of graduation he still cares for me.

  7. Abhay Raja says:

    I am associated with the campus since 1995 (8th std.). I know the campus very well. If I am anything today, then it has a great contribution of Yogidham Gurukul. Growth of the Yogidham Gurukul is incomparable. The campus pours education with spirituality, which is its unique quality. I have the privilege to witness the educational campus from small school and college to the greatly visioned, world class infrastructural campus, compatible to any of its kind. I have witnessed Tyag Swamiji’s zeal, perspiration, dedication and continuous passions in building the institution. He is the person behind this significant development of the Gurukul. His devotion to the religion and his guru P.P. Hariprasad Swamiji is also highly remarkable and inspirational. Any youngster should take motivation from his way of viewing and tackling any situation.

    I pray to god that, give us the blessing that current crises face by the institute could be solved and the institute shines out with all the colors. We should strengthen the hands of Tyag Swamiji by praying the almighty and keep faith on him.

  8. raviseta says:

    jay swaminaray.
    for atmiya tyag vallabh swamiji doing a great job. He is the person who always think about how to give us more n more. i beilive that swamiji is the great man itself.

  9. dilip n mehta says:

    dear vibhakar, al of a sudden, i happened to visit this site and glad to know all about u and also about some remarkable personalities.i m looking forward to sharing and contributing my worth some day.by now, just a salutation and best luck too!

  10. Virul Patel says:

    I met Tyagvallabh swami once a time in Haridham, Sokhada. I impressed….

    Jay Swaminarayan

  11. Mirav says:

    I complited my engineering under guidance of param pujya Tyag Vallabh Swamiji and I also stayed at yogidham hostel during my engineering. Tyag Swami is a person who can handle all discipline worked in yogidham sankul. He works like a one man army.

  12. aradhana says:

    tyag swamiji is great lier.
    college ni fee ma khub vadharo karine vidhyarthio ne lutya kere chhe. avi safed loot band karo. bari no kach bhool ma toote to 50.000 rs vasool kare chhe aa manas. sadhu na dhong kae chhe.

    1. YASH PANSURIYA says:

      Fees no vadharo swamiji pota mate nathi leta pan navi generation mujab education madi sake te mate management le che nai ke swamiji and another thing if you broken a glass by mistake but you think, if anyone broken your house’s television then what should you do, you leave them ? jo aavu na karvama na aave to kaal savare college ni game te vastu ne damage karvama aave to shu te vyajbi rese ?

      Being Good Person and Develop your mentality….

  13. hiren padmani says:

    this thouts of swamiji will be very motivated.swamiji work for hertly but under of his no work for heartly.

  14. jignesh says:

    in yogidham some person is not working with really, he make to job , that how other leave this college!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. Jignesh Solanki says:

    Ir Tyag Vallabh Swamiji really wants that the student should have the best carrier in his life, then why he blocks the original certificates of the students. He should return the original certificates of the students. I’m one of the student who don’t have the original certificates. If I’m not interested in MCA, Why he want that I should do MCA.

  16. Mayur Ranoliya says:

    Excellent interview. Rajkot is blessed to have swamiji dedicated to cause of education and spiritual mentor.

  17. P-L says:

    he is not a right man

  18. Nikunj says:

    I had comlited my B.sc. From Atmiya college. I heard so many things about TVS swamiji. But as my opinion he is exellent human. He is master in his all work. He is an exellent in management. Whatever work he does he gives his 100 percent efforts and that why he is my idol.

  19. H.G.Parekh says:

    It was my sheer luck that i got blessings from non other then P.P.Tyag Vallabh Swamiji at the residence of Sri.N.Prasad @ Vijayanagar Bangaluru.I would request swamiji as informed earlier my younger brother’s Wife Smt.Mamta.S.Parekh has been duly awarded the Degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE{YOGA} on 12th day of January 2013 BY SWAMI VIVEKANANDA YOGA ANUSANDHANA SAMSTHANAM University Bangalore,India In this connection we request you to start a yogi yoga institute in bangalore with charge given to Smt.Mamta.S.Parekh.

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