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Tenantify – Making Tenant Screening Hassle Free

A landlord interested in renting his property is bothered and conscious about prospective tenant’s details, mostly the assurance that he/she holds a good financial state and would pay the rent without any hassle. To know about tenant’s financial status as well as employment, a landlord has to go through a tiresome deal of enquiry about financial statement, i.e. bank statement and employment record of the tenant. In this technological era, chances are that the landlord can be provided with the fake details, looking exactly original!

Now, what if the landlord simply wishes to remain concerned about his property only and let the verification of tenant be done without any hassle? This is when Tenantify comes into the picture. What it does is that it screens the tenant in two different modules, i.e. verifies the bank statement and employment record of the tenant and provides the details to the landlord. And guess what? Landlord is not supposed to pay a single penny for this service.


Tenantify does tenant screening in two segments, i.e. employment verification and income verification. Landlord is supposed to request for the service. Then the interested tenant is to be provided the these two details. The verification process adopted by Tenantify is quite secure. They do not record any personal information such as bank login credentials but they simply receive the bank statement which is required by the landlord. Similarly, for the employment verification, they do call the employer and verify the details. They have very economic package for this service which makes the tenanting hassle free and as they say ‘Empower landlord to make informed decisions’.

This website was co-founded by Songhua Hu and Richard Lim. Hu is an expert in web technology, financial innovation and fraud prevention and has worked with Google and McKinsey. While Lim owns expertise in the realm of business strategy and operations having had worked with AT & T, Boston Consulting Group and United Airline.

Tenantify makes the tenant screening quite hassle-free with the secure technology.


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