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The real meaning of the education is to enlighten oneself

My Young fellows, Never believe in any statement of fact on the basis of books, authority Or social status of the individual.

SpeakBindas interviews Bipinchandra Jgmohandas Parikh, born on December 20, 1942, has studied MA in Economics from M.S. University of Baroda in 1966. He is more known to be a humanist movement runner, and is Editor of Vaishvik Manv Vad, a monthly magazine dealing on various issues related to humanism. By profession, he was a lecturer of Economics in Saraspur Arts College, Ahmedabad. He liked reading, writing and attending conferences and seminars.

Bipin Shroff

Bipin Shroff


Q.1: Bipinbhai, welcome to SpeakBindas. You are publishing a monthly Gujarati magazine “વૈશ્વીક માનવવાદ”(Vaishvik Manavvad) (dictionary meaning: Global Humanism) since last 20 years. What really provoked you to initiate this movement?

  • A.: 1 I was sincerely in contact with this movement from my college days. There was one “Discussion Group” known as the “Renaissance Club”. It was an absolutely a formal group of like-minded people. We were meeting every Friday in the evening at Prof. -Raojibhai Patel’s house in Adhyapak Nivas of the Baroda University. This group has no formal constitution, office bearers, no financial assets as well as liability. We just meet for an hour or two for discussion have a breakfast from the R. C.Patel’s wife or family and then leave to meet again. Our career as the Humanist & Rationalist shaped from this small group where we saw Professors of different faculties from Baroda University coming here and exchange their views etc.

Q.2: Why “માનવવાદ” (Manavvad) and not “માનવતાવાદ” (Manvatavad)?

  • A.2: The difference between the two concepts is genuine and totally separate. Humanism is a perspective common to a wide range of ethical stancesthat attaches importance to human dignity, concerns, and capabilities, particularly rationality. In short it is an intellectual out look based on knowledge. It considered that the man is a creature of nature (Evolutionary Process). He can change the world by his own efforts with the co-operation of the others.
  • While the Humanitarian attitude is just to help other human being who is in need & less privileged than the donor. Donor helps the needy for many reasons like religious & others. These donors known as the Humanitarians are working within the frame structure of existing society. They never bothered about the social order, which originates to cha, sustains & protects this unequal social order. Even the all interest like economic political legal & social of the donors are also protected in this order.

Q.3: Through your “માનવવાદ”(Manavvad) concept, what kind of activities you have performed so far?

  • A.3: We carry out two types of activities. (1) Educational; to promote our values by helding meeting, seminars & publishing books etc. (2) To eradicate superstitions by challenging claims of God mens, Astrologers etc.

Q.4: What is “માનવવાદ”(Manavvad) based upon? In other words, does it have any base pillars upon which it can stand tall?

  • A.4 Humanism has three basic values namely Freedom, Rationality and Secular Morality (Morality Independent of Religion).

Q.5: When it comes to humanity, we can think of humanitarian services such as free food to hungry, free medical facilities to ill people, free education etc. How does “માનવવાદ”(Manavvad) differs from “માનવતાવાદ”(Manavatavad) in terms of services to humankind?

  • A.5: The ManavVad or Humanism is interested in eradication of all evils of the mankind. Humanitarian activities treat the symptoms of the disease not the cause of the disease. So evils of Humans continue.

Q.6: Shed some light on your personal and family life.

  • A6. I was born and developed in Mehmadabad (Kheda District of Gujarat India,) Married to Jyoti Shah of Devgadhbaria (Panchmahal) who was my classmate in MA class. Shekar is my son who has settled in USA with his wife Purvi and Gargi is my daughter who married to Navin Sharma who was also happens to be her class mate.

Q.7: Shed some light on your early life’s political and rational activities that you were involved with.

  • A.7: I was the First founder President of Mehmadabad Taluka Janta Party (1975). We did our best to fight emergency rule of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. I fought Kheda District Panchayat Election as the member of it and won the election (1977-82).
  • I was the President elect of Gujarat Rationalist Association for three years. We tried to develop Rationalist center in different parts of Gujarat.

Q.8: What’s your take on the fund raising programs organized by various religious sects under the name of building a temple/derasar/mosque, celebrating God’s birthday etc.?

  • A8. I am totally against to collect any money in the name of religion and charity supporting any religious activities.

Q.9: Given a chance, how would you like to spend the donation collected by such religious sects?

  • A.9: I had never participated & will never participate in such deeds.

Q.10: You have been living in USA for last one and half years. Here in Gujarat, those who have not been to UAS mostly believe that, Gujaratis living in USA live a modern life. Is it true? In other words, what is your brief observation about the change in the lifestyle of Gujaratis after migrating to USA, in terms of thinking, lifestyle and rituals?

  • A.10: Those who had been emigrated from Gujarat are really hard working & sincere people. Both the husband & wife work day & night & make their carrier & save money to support their kids for education. They strive for constant Up-ward social mobility from lower class to middle class & from it to higher super class from economic & financial point of view. Gujarati working ladies are very bold , courageous, self supporting & full of confident in their abilities. This is the land of opportunities you must have guts to use them for one’s own development.
  • But they cannot over grow their past of Gujarat. Their outlook of life is more traditional, Doing traditional rituals, festivals & hankering for their religious & sects Gurus. But their offspring’s or kids will come out from this outlook of life gradually because they are borned & developed in this American freedom loving cultural background.

Q11: What’s your take on current education system in Gujarat? What changes you would like to see in it?

  • A11.The real meaning of the education is to enlighten oneself. Our present system of education does not guided to achieve this goal. No critical thinking is developed among the students. It creates more Yes man than enlighten angry man.

Q.12: What message you would like to give to Youth of today?

  • A12:  My Young fellows, Never believe in any statement of fact on the basis of books, authority Or social status of the individual. Please verify the statement of truth on the basis of information, experience, experimentation’s & logic. Then & then your path will be glorious.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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