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The Secret of Success: How Do the World’s Famous Billionaires Relax?

If you look at how Google or Facebook work from the side, you can assume that those who manage them don’t rest at all. Of course, this is not so. Even the most successful businessmen leading huge companies sometimes need a vacation.

Giving the maximum amount of time to the development of their businesses, they equally find a few days to reboot themselves. Almost all of them are sure that it’s impossible to work effectively without quality rest. Also, it’s more likely that new ideas for developing business will come to mind during the holidays.

But everyone has their own approach to relaxation. If someone needs to buy a piece of paradise somewhere in the Caribbean to fully distract from work, others prefer harsh conditions in which they have to literally survive. At the same time, there are those who just need to pick up an Enterprise car rental Homestead PA and have a quiet car trip. Howbeit, everyone chooses a way to relax to his liking.

Where and how do famous billionaires rest?

Richard Branson

The eccentric billionaire Richard Branson knows exactly how important vacation is, and he really knows how to relax. Moreover, he often chooses more than active types of recreation – either jumping from skyscrapers, or enjoying kiting or surfing.

In general, Richard Branson is one of those who prefer to relax as much as possible. And even if for some reason his income will decrease in the near future, he already has everything for a quality vacation – a hotel in Morocco and his own island near Puerto Rico.

By the way, the British billionaire believes that a long rest is necessary not only for himself, but also for his subordinates. That’s why he allowed 170 Virgin employees to take as many days of vacation as they wish.

Reed Hastings

Reed Hastings is the principal of one of the leading services for watching movies and TV shows – Netflix. He also notes the importance of relaxation and allows employees to go on vacation at any time.

Regarding his own vacation, Reed Hastings believes that 6 weeks a year is the best period to recover after a long job. He also notes that the best ideas come to mind when traveling to the mountains.

Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is very difficult to attribute to fans of outdoor activities. In 2010, he spent time at the OSHO Meditation Center in India. Later he was spotted in Hawaii along with his wife Priscilla Chan. And in 2014, media reported that the businessman spent about $100 million to buy land on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The land he acquired is a closed beach and a plantation – in general, this is everything he needs for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Larry Page

Similarly to Branson, one of the founders of Google – Larry Page, prefers kitesurfing. But, unlike the head of Virgin, Page chooses less trivial places to practice this sport. Although he was somehow spotted on Branson’s Island. But still, Larry Page chooses more extreme conditions: for example, he is ready to try kiting in the icy waters off the coast of Alaska.

However, like his business partner Sergey Brin, Larry Page doesn’t mind relaxing on the picturesque islands of Fiji. In 2012, both Google founders spent their holidays there.

John Donahoe

It’s amazing how John Donahoe finds time to relax, combining the role of the head of Ebay and membership on the board of directors of Intel. But even if there’s no time to travel to Fiji or to the shores of Alaska, he gets out of the situation a little differently.

John Donahoe considers it necessary to devote an entire day every 3 months to just thinking. He hides somewhere in an empty, quiet office, stands in front of a white board and begins to ponder what is happening in the company, remember what he has learned, and reflects on which areas require his attention.

Yes, this is a somewhat strange way to spend time, but some people require it. However, a more trivial vacation is also not alien to him. For example, he likes to spend almost a month with his family in a house on the ocean shore and turn off all mobile devices at this time.

Oleg Tinkov

Another successful outdoor enthusiast is Oleg Tinkov. He likes skiing, and Kamchatka Peninsula is noted on his Twitter page as a special place for such a pastime.

In 2015, he even announced his intention to build, his own hotel, but not somewhere in the warm Morocco, but namely in the snowy Kamchatka.

However, then something went wrong. Oleg Tinkov complained that the local authorities didn’t really help him in this matter. In the end, he decided to build a luxury chalet in Switzerland.


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