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Things to Consider In Hiring a Patent Attorney

The importance of patent protection could not be undervalued. In a competitive world of development where intellectual property theft is rampant, being able to secure a patent is definitely something you should capitalize on.

Nonetheless, the process involving patent protection is confusing and difficult in some situations. In most cases, inventors often struggle to obtain the necessary requirements before filing a patent application.

This is why it’s recommended to work with a patent attorney to streamline processes and make sure that every requirement is met to a tee. In general, a patent attorney is responsible for the preparation of the patent application and the support enforcement of the property rights.

More specifically, a patent attorney performs patent searches, composes and translates the patent application documents. A patent search is essential to get the application approved.

Although inventors can file patent applications for their programs and applications, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recommend everyone on getting a patent lawyer. This is because the best patent attorneys will not only help you work out the complexities of patent protection but will also boost the quality of your application and uplift the probability of a patent grant.

Getting the best patent attorneys is critical to the success of your application. Keep these tips in mind before hiring one. This will also allow you to get an excellent representation in court.

Do Your Homework

It is advisable to do your own research before contacting a patent attorney to find out what has already been patented. Check the USPTO website to get information about the patent process. This would help you understand the basics of patent law before meeting with an attorney.

Also, organize your information so you can clearly explain your invention. Bring your visual works, writings, printouts, or better yet, a physical prototype of your invention. Remember that while patent attorneys are well-adept in all industries, any information about your product will further help the process.

Look For Innovative Attorneys

Lawyers charge hourly, so it is essential to look for someone who is a veteran or quick enough to learn your technology. Make sure that your attorney understands the competitive landscape of your industry and why you need a patent.

After all, a good attorney is someone who will ask questions regarding your business model and find out what competitors are doing to come up with an even better strategy.

Likewise, it is also advisable to opt for attorneys with higher success rates to achieve desirable outcomes and save on costs.

Avoid Attorneys Who Offer Cheap Rates

While it makes sense to find cheaper options, this should not be the case in finding a patent attorney.

Look for an experienced attorney who is capable of developing high-quality patent application drafts and easy-to-read analysis.

While billing rate is an essential aspect in choosing a representation, keep in mind that total drafting costs and an enforceable patent are also important in coming up with a decision.


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    It’s great that you mentioned how being able to secure a patent is definitely something you should capitalize on. I was reading some online articles last night and one of the interesting topics I came across was about patents. Dealing with the process of patenting is not simple, but thankfully there are patent attorneys now.

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