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Things to Do and Not Do If You Want the Best Auto Insurance Quotes When Selling Your Used Car

Selling a used car can be quite tricky as buyers are extra vigilant. Many are the times when buyers have bought a used car, only to have it break down after a couple of days.

Buyers are wary about prior ownership of the vehicle and are also cautious of potentially buying a vehicle that was previously involved in a major accident. With this in mind, you should prepare yourself sufficiently by having your car go through repairs and insurance inspection before selling it. Before you get insurance, read the complete RSA guide on car insurance before applying for it.

Insurance for used cars varies from that offered for new cars. Collision and comprehensive coverage typically costs less for used cars. However, liability coverage might not vary from that paid for new cars as damage to third parties is not quantified based on whether the car is new or old.

Things you must do to get a good auto insurance quote

  1. Make sure you maintain a good vehicle history

Assuming you have been a good driver and you have avoided the usual fender benders or major accidents, your cover will not cost much.

Give your car an engine overhaul so that it passes insurance inspection. This is also sensible as it will keep the next buyer safe and will fetch you a good resale price.

  1. Get your car to look good and run well

You should prepare your car so that it passes inspection by the buyer and the insurance company. You should prepare your car by doing the following:

  • Get it thoroughly cleaned by a professional, both inside and outside.
  • Get rid of irritating odors such as cigarette smoke and moldy smells.
  • Get the body smoothed out to remove dents, discoloration, cracks and swelling.
  • Have all the necessary certificates and registration documents with you.
  • Compile receipts for servicing and repair work as this will prove the amount of care you have put into the car.

Things you should avoid doing

Insurance companies are all about assessing risks. When it comes to motor vehicle insurance, the below will reflect negatively on your insurance application and get you high quotes:

  1. Getting speeding tickets
  2. Getting into accidents
  3. Having DUIs on your record
  4. Negligent driving practices such as driving while speaking on the phone.

The above details will usually reflect on police records. When an insurance company sees such a record, costs will automatically go up.

Bottom line

A used car that has an updated insurance cover reflects the car is a worthwhile purchase. It will also show the real value of the car because before your car is insured, a valuation exercise takes place.

You should have the valuation and insurance details ready for the buyer to inspect. Rates can differ based on different circumstances. You can refer to a recent article by moneynewsnow.com to learn more about other factors that influence how much you will pay for insurance cover.


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