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Three easy ways to store large amounts of data

With the presence of many gadgets in your day-to-day life, you surely possess a lot of files with different formats. There can be oodles of articles, heaps of pictures and tons of videos. Also, higher quality means pictures and videos that have big resolution sizes. They end up taking most of the space. Each day, it is getting difficult to store data in huge amounts without deleting some of it. So, what exactly is the solution to your needs? For one, you certainly don’t need to remove some to fit in some more in the limited space. Here are three easy ways to help you store your large data:

  • External hard drive
  • External hard drives are one of the easiest ways to store big data. They have many advantages such as their cost is low compared to the GBs they provide, best ones provide space up to 6 TB and that they are easily portable. The speed of transferring documents/images/videos from computer to them is quite fast. If you have some confidential information to store, you can put it in your external hard drive and simply put it alone at a secure place. Their power lies in their easy usage. All you need to do is connect and disconnect. Just ensure you don’t end up breaking or over-heating it. Buy high quality external hard drives online with remarkable discounts using amazon India promo coupons.
  • Online backup through cloud
  • Cloud is a simple way to store data online. All you need to do is set up an account online with any of the cloud services and they will automatically back up your data. How great is that?! If you are a scatter brain, it’s all the more useful since you don’t have to do it manually. The best reason to store your data here is mobility. You can access your files on the go. The only disadvantages are that you need a high speed internet connection and you might need to pay if you have many files stored with them. If a single hard disk is sufficient for you, continue using them. You can use these Paytm offers to buy one at discounted price. Although with most of their plans, backup is affordable.
  • RAID
  • Imagine some of your crucial data in one disk and something happens to it. But you do not end up losing your data! How? Because that data gets transferred to another disk. This is how RAID works. Quite awesome, right? With RAlD, you can store the data across independent disks and as pointed out earlier, if anything happens to one drive, your data won’t get affected. Multiple small disks look like one large disk here. But RAID also has its own share of disadvantages. You can’t protect your data entirely with it and maintenance costs are high. Plus, data recovery is not an easy process here.

In spite of their disadvantages, these are the most used options for storing data. Also remember that you need to store your data in multiple locations. Determine your data storage requirements and choose an option as per your needs. If you think your data can’t be stored in just one drive, make use of RAID. Also, you can create a RAID server on your own. It’s not that easy but if you are a geek and read a few tutorials related to it, you should be fine.


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