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Tibetmoto Motorbike Tour China and Tibet

There is always an adventurer living inside us looking out to get indulged into an expedition.

But due to several reasons such as lack of proper knowledge about expedition routes, lack of courage and thinking that it’s just a dream and won’t come true ever; we tend to postpone and eventually forget about going for it. But don’t get disheartened. There is a professional organization which would help you to explore the dream of yours – to expedite.


Tibetmoto conducts expeditions as well as family tours through the enticing Tibet and China with both the options of through four wheels and motorbikes. Tibetmoto is an experienced group of specialists who have a marvelous track record of having organized expeditions and adventure trips in the past. They conduct different tours such as motorcycle, 4X4 travel adventure, individual travel and cycling tours also with the facility of motorcycle rental.

Some of the key features of Tibetmoto are:

  • Only small groups – so that the better attention is given to each in the group.
  • International guides and experts from America, Germany, Belgium, France – who will make sure your expedition goes smoothly and yet full of adventure.
  • Off the beaten track routes and itineraries – professionally managed expedition.
  • Local branch offices in China and Tibet.
  • Supply vehicle carries your luggage as well as large cooking and dining tent with a kitchen.

One of the key ingredients of going on an expedition or adventure journey with Tibetmoto is that, they just do not keep it limited to mountains, rivers, greenery, curvy roads and tenting into the wild (that means, they do this for sure) but also add the cultural aspect to it by making you visit villages that come along the way you get an opportunity to meet and mingle with locals, stay with them at some occasions and exchange ideas and culture.

A visit to their website will unfold further information in front of you such as photographs of past expeditions, testimonials from those who participated, latest information and contact details.


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