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Tragedy or?

Recently, we heard of news that Vijay Mallya – the Indian Tycoon, who is chief of  UB Group who runs Kingfisher Airlines and United Breweries that owns Kingfisher beer bought Gandhi belongings for $1.8 million on Thursday.

Mahatma Gandhi fought against liquor and wine for his entire life and today a liquor baron saved his belongings from foreigners.

Is this what you call as Tragedy?

We agree that, in a way Gandhi’s belongings came home to India from hands of a foreigner, James Otis, but look at the controversial happening that, the person who brought the same back is the owner of UB Group, who runs United Breweries that owns Kingfisher Beer. This is a controversy which has been missed by most, looking at Mallya’s patriotic act.

Just if we compare two personalities of Mahatma Gandhi and Vijay Mallya, we get more differences than the similarity between two.

Like the first and foremost difference between them is their take on liquor. Gandhi was totally against them, while Mallya produces the same on a large scale.

Gandhi used to wear only Khadi clothes, mostly to cover half of his lower body, while Mallya is known for his fancy wardrobe. We can also produce more such comparisons between them.

I am not trying to say what Mallya did is not good. No, rather I am the firm believer that Mallya should be honored by Government of India.

But when I think of this controversy in the differences of their nature, I just feel confused for a while! But the similarity that both has shown is their love for country, haven’t they?

Gandhi fought and died for his country. He stood still against the powerful foreign British rulers. He became the father of nation. Likewise, Mallya stood still against a foreign collector, James Otis, and it wouldn’t be ‘over’ if we would say he fought for his country, to bring the belongings back! No, I’m not trying to match the two here, but rather trying to match the virtues both carried when it came about their country.

So the patriotism can be defined depending upon the situations, circumstances and the time. People may be different, but their virtues remain same. And I believe that, this was proved by Mallya this time.


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