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Trip to Mount Girnar

It was a long-time planning accomplished. I was planning to climb mountain Girnar since long but somehow it wasn’t working out. But then, as a part of chapter activity for AFS students hosted with Rajkot chapter, it came true. We decided to climb the mountain (by steps of course) on 30th March’s early morning, and we did.

There is a common figure for number of steps for mountain Girnar as 10,000. Some say, it’s less than that. But I couldn’t find the official figure on this.

We left for Girnar from Rajkot at midnight at 01:30 am and reached Girnar base (taleti) at four in the morning. We started climbing the mountain right then.

It took me three and half an hour to climb till the point of Ambaji temple. My legs started paining a lot and I dropped the idea of going any further towards another hill point known as Datatrey. Students could make it farther and faster than us.

It was a tough deal marching back towards the base. Knee was paining like anything at every step.

But despite physical strain, the experience was really amazing and full of fun. The cool wind of early morning, the surrounding mountain range, the deserted trees due to lack of rain.


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