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Types of US Visa – very useful information

We hear too much about US Visas. Like US Visitor Visa, US Student Visa, US Work Visa and so on, but little we know about various types of US Visas. I recently was going through my forwarded emails and found an email lying there containing this very useful information. Below is a list of all types of US Visa. You can get to know which US Visa is for what. I’m sure, this is going to be extremely useful to all readers.

A – Official Visas
A-1: For Ambassadors, public ministers & consular officers
A-2: For immediate family members of A-1
A-3: Attendants & servants of A-1 and A-2 holders

B – Business Visa / Visitor Visa
B-1 Temporary visitor for business
B-2 Temporary visitor for leisure

C & D Visa (For Aliens in transit)
C-1,2: Alien in transit directly through US
C-3: Family of C-1,C-2 in transit
C-4: Transit without Visa(TWOV)
D-1: Sailors departing on vessel of arrival
D-2: Sailors departing by other means

E – Visa (For Traders/Investors)
E-1 Treaty Trader, spouse and children
E-2 Treaty Investor, spouse and children

F – Students Visa
Want to study or research at a U.S. college? Then F is the visa for you

F-1: Academic Student
F-2: Spouse or child of F-1

H – Temporary Worker Visa
H-1B: Persons in a specialty occupation
H-2B: Seasonal nonagricultural workers
H-3: Trainees other than medical/academic; also training of handicaps
H-4: Dependants of H visa holders

I – Mediapersons Visa
Are you a reporter, film person, Editor? Then you require an I-visa –
Essential docs: Your press ID, a letter from the editor.

J & K Exchange Visitor Visa
J-1 exchange visitors may be academics, scientists, business people or
J-1: Visas for exchange visitors
J-2: Spouse or ‘child’ of J-1 under 21

Fiance(e) of US Citizen
K-1 Fiance(e)
K-2 Minor child of K-1
K-3 Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (LIFE Act)
K-4 Child of K-3 (LIFE Act)
Docs: Marriage certificate & Photos, Intent of marrying within 90 days
in US(for K1). — –> For those who are looking to settle down, well,
this is the way to go.   🙂

L – Intracompany Transferees Visa
L-1A Executive, managerial
L-1B Specialized knowledge
L-2 Spouse or child of L-1

Vocational and Language Students
M-1 Vocational student or other non-academic student
M-2 Spouse or child of M-1

O -Visa (For Prodigies)
O-1: For a Genius in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business, or Athletics.
O-2: Alien’s (support) accompanying O-1
O-3: Spouse or child of O-1 or O-2

Athletes and Entertainers
P-1: Athletes & Entertainment groups
P-2: Entertainers in exchange programs
P-3: Entertainers in cultural programs
P-4: Spouse or child of P-1, 2, or 3

R-Visa (Religious Workers)
R-1 Religious workers
R-2 Spouse or child of R-1


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