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Upcoming car technologies for the geekiest drivers

The rapid development of technology has turned many simple single-serving objects into advanced multipurpose gadgets that have made our lives much more comfortable and convenient. Take the cell phone’s evolution into a smart phone for example. Another fast pacing evolution is happening at the moment and it’s about to change the way we get around forever. We’re talking about the evolution in the car technology that has been developing velociously over the past decade.

Though we still might be far away from flying cars, other sci-fi car technologies are slowly making their way into the commercial car production.

We’ve created a list of our most favourite upcoming car technologies we can’t wait to try out.

Augmented Reality Windscreen

Integrating an augmented reality windscreen will significantly boost the functionality of the car.

The driver will be able to see all the information needed for a safe and comfortable ride on the windscreen ahead of him. Speed, GPS and navigation routes, or even your cell phone’s display.

Head-up displays will improve driver’s visibility and will keep the driver’s eyes on the road, maximizing their safety.

Vehicle communication

With the development of semi- autonomous and full autonomous vehicles, a need for a communication system between vehicles arises. This car communication system will improve traffic, making it less congested and will improve driver’s safety, reducing the chances for a collision. For instance your vehicle can warn you about a speeding vehicle making a right turn, so you can react fast and avoid what would’ve been a crash without the existence of this technology.

Smartphone integration

Smart phones are the most used gadget of the 21st century, and have changed our lives significantly improving the way we communicate and keeping us connected at all times, that is until your battery runs out of course. However today’s cars lack this very important element of smart phone integration, but we’re expecting it pretty soon. The pioneer of smart phone integration technology into vehicles is Honda by integrating iOS in their upcoming car models.

This will enable you to use Apple’s operating system from your dashboard, and you can take phone calls, read and write emails and messages, use navigation apps etc. Android still hasn’t announced anything about smart phone integration into vehicles though its users can use some of Google’s apps and gadgets on their windscreen.

Self-Healing Paint

Good news for everyone that always seem to find a way to get their car scratched, self healing paint is going to make its way into commercial production. This cool technology has been known to the public for quite a while but it’s still not available for most car owners. Basically the is top coat made out of polymers that react to UV light, so when a scratch occurs the chitosan- the main compound of the coat responds to the UV rays from the sun itself and starts a reaction. The result is a scratch free car in about an hour. Until then, you’ll have to hire a car service to do your body paint for a flawless finish.

These upcoming technologies as exciting as they sound might cost a little bit too much for the average driver, the prices fall as fast as technology rises, meaning we’ll be able to enjoy these comforts in the foreseeable future.


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