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Upreports Infotech’s Growth Mantra & Future Goals – Founder Talk

Upreports Infotech has made a name in the digital marketing and growth realm very quickly. The Chandigarh based agency led by Varun Sharma has been helping startups and international brands alike in connecting with target audience, multiplying profits, and attaining premium online presence. The team of creative designers, digital marketing, media experts, and reputation managers is making its mark across the globe.

Today, we speak with the man behind Upreports Infotech, the digital marketing venture which is being highly recommended for digital branding and business mileage.

Firstly, what’s the story behind the brand name?

We started as a growth marketing agency that specialized in data driven reports that simplified decision making for web driven business. UP represented Growth and REPORTS were the channel. So, we clubbed both to come up with Upreports.

Okay, what are the services that Upreports Infotech is exceling at?

Upreports Infotech aims to emerge as the best one-stop web solutions provider in India in the next decade. Currently, we are making our mark in services related to business identity, search presence, reputation management, digital branding, growth consultation, and paid media. We are not trying to be run-of-the-mill web services company. Our goal is deliver what matters, today and tomorrow.

How were the initial years at Upreports Infotech?

Really exciting. Our small team brought in over 25 years of industry experience and we were full of ideas. We broke a lot of rules to start in web services industry. Most use platforms like Upwork to get initial business. We didn’t. Most work for free or for pennies to build portfolio. We didn’t.

Team Upreports believed in their know-how and was rewarded for the same. We have been frequently recognized as top web services company of Chandigarh and the day is not far that we will be the best in India.

Where are your majority clients based?

We have a strong network of clients in the States, China, and India. All three are pretty different markets but full of entrepreneurs who are hungry for growth. If you really look, talent is pretty bleak in the market. And that’s what is making us click.

Where is marketing headed in next 5 years and how you plan to keep pace?

Digital marketing is going to change completely in next 5 years. The focus will be on engagement rather than reach. Focus from search engines will shift and the companies will be forced to think out-of-the-box. I’m betting big on VR and social influencers.

At Upreports Infotech, we are investing aggressively in young talent and hiring people with fresh thoughts. We already have the leadership. In a couple of years, we plan on coming up with offerings that 95% companies don’t even have in their kitty.

What’s your favourite book?

Build to Last by James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras

Which apps are most important for your work?

I can’t work without Evernote and Basecamp. They help me hit personal as well project deadlines.

Any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs of India trying to succeed online?

Don’t start with the dream of becoming a millionaire in 1 year. Start with your passion and invest in the right technology from the very beginning. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

How can our readers reach Upreports Infotech? 

Dropping an email at hello@upreports.com is the easiest way to connect with our team of digital marketers and growth hackers. Upreports Infotech’s Facebook page also has a great response rate.


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