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Watch: Collection for fun or to win more?

After experiencing a major upheaval, the watch market seems to have finally recovered. Indeed, thanks to the Swiss watch model, there is great stability in watch exports between January and June 2019. Since the end of 2018 and especially the first three months of 2019, the situation has increased rapidly in a large number of markets. Nevertheless, the results show the stability of sales over the past 3 years.

Today, the majority of luxury watches are Swiss models. In terms of knowledge, there is only one small difference that distinguishes this group of watch manufacturers from others. For this reason, many people do not make the decision to buy a watch brand for others based on objective criteria. The reason is often the result of rather subjective criteria such as the brand image inherent in certain Swiss watch manufacturers for example. The Swiss watch industry is mainly mentioned because it is the largest in the world and accounts for around 40 to 50% of global industrial value. However, we must not exclude the watch industry from other countries whose main trio consists of Hong Kong, the US and China.

Facing this great madness, more and more people are starting to invest in collection watches. It is often said that in terms of investment, you must diversify. As a result, after stock investment and real estate, investment watches. Investing in luxury watches is a profitable placement based on a combination of two important aspects. On the one hand, there is a purchase of hearts for the pleasure of getting beautiful objects. On the other hand, it has the rational logic of long-term sustainable investment.

1. The main watch brand: Rolex watches, Bulgari watches, Breitling watches…

Collection watches are just for fun or hope to sell them in a few more years?

The purpose of investing in a collection watch is to have fun while placing money. However, to carve out the biggest part and get a watch that you both like to wear and get value for, it’s better to choose a second hand market. Unlike sports cars, beautiful models will not lose value over time, just the opposite. In addition, to invest in watches, it’s better to buy a final series model or that is no longer produced or produced in small quantities. This makes it possible to take advantage of time wear and the disappearance of some models making them more rare and therefore more expensive.

2. Watchmakers work in making

Watchmakers are technicians or craftsmen who support assembling, repairing, or adjusting all types of clocks from watches to alarm clocks. It operates mainly in the industrial sector. The watchmaking profession is very strict and very complex. As a result, watchmaking training is very important for working in this sector. In a shop, he can deal directly with customers by providing himself with commercial and board services.

The main mission of a watch maker

The watchmaker’s main mission is to give or give life to any type of watch. A good watchmaker must be able to intervene also in collection models that are very old and the most modern. So basically, he has to take care of all the stages of producing a complete watch.

3. Taxation of watch collections

Buying collection watches overseas can sometimes pay off, you have to pay attention to customs. Concretely, if you buy a watch in a foreign country, you can pay it tax free. However, it will pay 20% VAT after the object returns to your country.

Tax over value

Every extra value generated by reselling collection watches is taxed. That said, items with a value of less than 5,000 euros are excluded.

So … is this worthy of being an investment commodity?


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