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Water–one of nature’s element that I’m passionate about


Nature represents itself in different forms such as ocean, mountain, valley, jungle, river etc. Among which river and ocean are couple of natural existences that are made of water. And water is something I’m totally passionate about. Not because my zodiac is Pisces which has the icon of fish, but because water is something that makes me feel closest to nature.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend my childhood in village where natural water resources such as well, river, dam etc. were easily available and they were one of the spots for entertainment! On Sundays and holidays, gang of boys would spend hours swimming in village rivers. There was no fear at that time about the depth of river or anything else. It was pure form of joy.

I have enjoyed swimming in water in its various forms such as in a well, ocean, river etc. And it has always given me Goosebumps. Time seems like slipping away and I literary feel being one with the water. Although I also like stones, trees and caves but water is something that invites me more than any other.

One of the danger experiences that I’ve is that once I jumped into a river where crocodiles were inhibiting just a few meters away. I could see one of them resting on a stone which was inside the river. I think that was a foolish act on my part and I shouldn’t have had done that but somehow that river situated in the jungle surrounded by all the beauty of nature made me go wild. Of course, after having realized that what could have happened, I have never gone to this extend to satisfy my hobby after that. But that was one of the exciting experiences and I get chills even thinking about the possibility of this river creature attacking me from inside water, biting my leg and having a feast of me!

Also as I did grew in age I’ve been more cautious and have never jumped into unknown water territory. As I’m quite aware now that nature is of course beautiful but at times it can become lethal if we don’t respect its rules. Nevertheless, there are are many places that are known to me and I’ve been visiting them as and when I get chance to feel and forget myself.


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