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Western Society Setup Is More Livable For Spiritual And Meditative Practices!

Meditation in simplest form means witnessing. Meditation is witnessing your own activities like talking, walking, dancing and observing every action as a third person. It means being aware of your self and existence and everything happening around. This is a SUPER-CONSCIOUS state. For reaching this super-conscious state one needs to be free from all kinds of conditionings.

Conditioning means the DO’s and DO NOT’s, the principles, the theories, the castes – creeds, the baseless rituals. In a nutshell everything which conditions your brain for analyzing people, activities and things.

When we live life with so many conditionings then actually we are not living life instead dragging the lifeless life. We are neither living nor dying. As we are afraid to live a bond-free life, we are fearful of what our society will say if we say this or do this. This is not living it is like leading a life in a sub-conscious state filled with all types of conditionings. This is really a very dangerous state to be in throughout the life-span. When God has given us this human-life, it should be utilized for self awareness and evolvement and not to give into a fearful life and wasting this precious life in subconscious state.

For living life one needs to understand Life and Death first. Life and Death is happening every moment within us. The moment we breathe in it is LIFE. The moment we breathe out it is DEATH. Life means living in conscious state. Living in meditative state means living in super-conscious state which is the fully aware state (Do not misinterpret it with alertness).

This superconcious-state needs a condition-free and bond-free mind. For this kind of mind state we need a society setup which is conditioning free or at least less conditioning is there. Such society setup can be seen in west which is more livable for spiritual growth. The kind of bond-free setup for human evolution is required can definitely be found in western society. I do not say it is flawless. It has its own positives and negatives. It has many flaws but for spiritual practices and meditation the kind of condition free environment is required by a human can definitely be seen there. The principles, laws, theories and mindsets are not forced rigorously onto next generation over there. Neither there is a compulsion to follow it. It is definitely a more open society. The self happiness is the primary law of life in general. Self-happiness is the first stepping stone towards spirituality, becoming free soul and moving towards the ecstatic life and being.

Think if you yourself are not happy then how you can give happiness to others. You can only give a thing to other person when you have it in abundance. Let this thing be knowledge, money, power, happiness, love or anything. If you are sad then you are capable of giving sadness only to others. For example- When you have a bad day in office and had a heated argument with seniors or juniors. Recall what most of the people do at home that day. Your family quickly understands that he/she is not in good mood and the atmosphere at home becomes little tensed and depressive.

Now recall a day when you are awarded or praised for your performance in office. The family understands that he/she is in a good mood and you plan a dinner out or spend a happy evening at home. This shows how you give happiness or sadness to others when you yourself are happy or sad. Thus vital thing is to keep you happy and lovable.

Any society which helps its citizens to make them happy first can only be the most livable place for self-evolvement and attaining superconcious-state of being. So, let us all make our society free of bondages and baseless rituals so that we can make a better society with condition-free life for the generations to come.

I Love My India!!

But today, Western Society setup is more livable for spiritual practices!!


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  1. I really liked your article since most of your thoughts there resonate with my own ones. Hopefully more and more people worldwide will go towards that real life which is, as you say, a conscious state.

  2. Richa says:

    Thnks Charles 🙂

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