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What Is Hemp Oil And Does It Act Like a Drug?

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A lot of people may have picked up a bottle of hemp oil and ask themselves, “what is hemp oil”? Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds and the end result is an oil that is entirely clear. It has almost no flavor, and it does not have ingredients such as natural vitamins and antioxidants. Any hemp seed oil that is refined is used for body care, while any hemp seed oil that is industrial is used for materials such as paint and other inks. This kind of oil is used for items such as laundry detergents, shampoo, soap, and other functional remedies for cleaning anything. there is an omega ingredient ratio of 3:1 for omega-6 and omega-3 among the standard fatty acids. Sometimes, hemp seed oil may be used for feedstock while creating a huge supply of biodiesel.

Is Hemp Oil a Drug?

A lot of individuals may go back and forth on what hemp oil is as it becomes more frequently available. Those that are new to the concept of Hemp Oil may be unaware of its actual meaning, or they may be concerned on the ingredient that it contains, THC, which is very psychoactive and is used in marijuana. Because of the connection between hemp oil and marijuana that THC makes, some have wondered if it will make them high and if they’re breaking any laws for using the supplement. That being said, it’s always great to do some research before delving into the work. Hemp and marijuana are entirely different users of THC, with marijuana using more of it than hemp does. Just because any brand of hemp oil contains the ingredient of THC being used for the hemp portion of the oil, doesn’t mean that the user would get high from it, especially when the seeds are only used for the hemp oil instead of the plant that marijuana is exclusively made from.


Next time anyone asks “what is hemp oil“, it’s best to try to look out from any information of it that brings up how it was made. While it doesn’t contain marijuana or the ingredient that makes people high, it did seem to be very concerning for those that are uninitiated. Regardless, no one should have to go into final conclusions right away, as even if something sounds familiar, it may not be exactly what their mind would normally believe in.


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