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What To Expect When Starting A Restaurant

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Your hopes of opening a restaurant don’t have to stay as dreams. Turn your dreams into reality by going after what you want. However, you’ll soon learn that restaurant owning is as much about putting your heart and soul into the food as it is about the business aspect of running a restaurant.

The Legal Side of Restaurant Owning

Many people starting off on the journey to become restaurant owners don’t realize all of the permits and licenses that are involved with the job. If you’re hoping to own your own restaurant one day, read on for the following must-have licenses to make your restaurant a success.

  1. Business License

You’ll need to get a business license in whatever city you bring you restaurant to. This business license allows you the authorization for operating in a certain geographic jurisdiction. You’ll need to file out the proper forms and register your business name in order to receive your business license.

  1. Certificate Of Occupancy

The certificate of occupancy is a must-have for a new restaurant to show that your building s sage for customers and employees. In order to receive a certificate of occupancy, you’ll need to have local authorities perform an inspection of your building. Without your certificate of occupancy, you won’t be able to officially open your restaurant and serve customers.

  1. Food Service License

Every restaurant needs a food service license. To obtain this license, officials from the county or city health department must visit your restaurant to determine that you and your staff meet the safety regulations for food storage, food safety, and food preparation. In certain states like Utah, employees are asked to go through the Utah food handler training program to receive a food handler’s permit.

  1. Liquor License

For many restaurants, having alcoholic beverages on the menu is a major draw for customers. However, if it is part of your plan to sell liquor, you’ll need a liquor license. Be sure to do your research as the laws for selling liquor vary greatly in different states. Typically, liquor licenses are very difficult to obtain, so be prepared for a potentially complicated process.

  1. Music License

Does your dream restaurant include a killer playlist going throughout the day? Before you can make that happen, you’ll need a music license. The music license covers copyright law of all songs that you hope to play. Be prepared to buy a music license or, as an alternative, you can choose a streaming service that will ensure you aren’t infringing on any artists’ rights.

  1. Sign Permit

What is a restaurant without the proper signage? While today’s generation of restaurant owners can use social media to promote their business, the brick and mortar location still needs the proper signage. However, in order for you to be able to put up the necessary signage, you’ll need to get a sign permit. With this permit, you will be allowed to put up signs, though they will be regulated by their location and size.

Don’t let the reality of restaurant-owning put a drain on your dreams. Get the ball rolling by tackling these six must-haves of restaurant-owning. With the right preparation and adherence to legal regulations, you’ll be able to get your dream restaurant off the ground sooner rather than later.


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