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Why Consider Group Therapy If You Suffer from Drug Addiction

Situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains in El Paso County, Colorado Springs is a city known for its many outdoor attractions that entice local and international travelers alike. From fantastic rock formations and national parks to cultural offerings and entertainment options, every person who seeks adventure and unique thrill will surely find something interesting in the city.

Dubbed as the Olympic City USA as it serves as home to major Olympic organizations and governing bodies, Colorado Springs also offers an ideal living environment for its almost half a million residents. The city boasts of great weather, low cost of living, top colleges, and a booming economy.

Despite all these inviting reasons to live healthily, however, many residents suffer from substance abuse disorder as opioid addiction plague El Paso County in recent years. What is more concerning is the steadily increasing number of deaths related to drug overdose as recent statistics show.

If you’re one of those struggling with addiction, you can turn your life around by seeking group therapy in Colorado Springs. Unlike individual counseling that involves one-on-one interaction between the counselor and patient, group therapy involves five to ten people with similar issues working on their problem with the help of a licensed mental health practitioner.

Below are reasons why you should consider this therapeutic approach to deal with your substance abuse problem:

Group Therapy Prevents Feelings of Isolation

One of the things that most people with substance use disorder have in common is the feeling of being alone. They are afraid of interacting with people or sharing the struggles they are going through, considering the stigma attached to addiction. They often feel hopeless and frustrated that they seek refuge from drugs, thus intensifying the problem.

If you feel the same way, seeking group therapy can help counter the feelings of isolation since you will be around people fighting the same battle. As you listen to their stories, you will be encouraged to open up because you know that those in your group completely understand the problem. When you start to share more, you become more aware, and the process of recovery begins.

Group Therapy Offers Inspiration

It is easy to feel discouraged and downhearted when you encounter setbacks in your recovery journey, especially if you only have your therapist to talk to. No matter how much your counselor or family members encourage you to start over, getting back up could be extremely challenging.

However, when you’re undergoing group therapy, you can remain hopeful, especially when you hear tales of similar struggles. When the people in your group share their experiences on standing back-up every time they fall, you can be inspired to persevere in your recovery journey.

Group Therapy Provides an Effective Support System

Being part of a group, no matter how big or small, means you have several people who are genuinely rooting for you to do well. As a result, you become more courageous to face the day since you know that whatever happens, you have people you can talk to who will listen with understanding. As you develop a strong bond with the group, you also get the chance to improve your social and relationship skills, which are crucial when end therapy and go back to your normal life.

Given the discussion points above, it is evident that finding a mental health clinic that offers group therapy in Colorado Springs can benefit you in many ways. Take the time to find a reliable therapeutic center with professional therapists who will provide you the guidance and support that you need to get your life back on track.


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