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Your guide to wearing men’s fashion jeans

There are a lot of people who simply love to wear mens fashion jeans but when they do so they don’t appear to be very good in it. This lefts them wandering about where and what they are doing wrong. If you are also among such people, you must know that it is not only about the jeans and how good it looks. Your overall clothing must go along if you are interested in looking good and here we have certain key elements for you.

Mens Jeans


We will start off with the jean because if this is not good then nothing will be alright. Start with getting jeans that look appropriate on you. Wearing a dark color would be nice and for that purpose deep indigo or deep blue gray can be your best picks. Even if you don’t like fit and tight jeans, you can go for the closely fitted ones. This doesn’t mean that one has to wear the skinny ones. However, having slim fit or at least regular would be good. Look for the sag in the crotch.

Going for the legs, straight legged is preferred by modern day styles. Boot cut can also be worn but isn’t the order of the day. Also, clean and neat jeans without any notable wear and tear should be grabbed while the bells and whistles or straps and even flat pockets may make it look a bit above the line so don’t go for these things.

Wearing jeans with a T-shirt

Well, this can be labelled as a sloppy dressing but there are styles that can make it look good. Go with the classy shirts and don’t have the graphics and logos on them. Plain colored shirts that are of appropriate size, i.e. close fit, with a decent belt and shoes (can be work shoes) will look good. If you opt for the gym shoes or wish to have splashes and designs over your shirt, the ‘classy’ word will be gone from the dressing.

Wearing jeans with work shirt

Going with a work shirt would add some more style to your dressing and again the shirt you are going to choose here will matter a lot. Talking about the work shirts, mens fashion jeans look good with turndown collar and buttoning placket up front.

The dressing is ideal for people who are looking to get something that can be work at workplace as well as in social settings.

Wearing jeans with dress shirt

Going more formal, a good jean with appropriate tucked-in dress shirt would look great as well. Better get a white, light gray, or light blue and don’t go for anything other than the check patters or light stripes. Unbotton it a little and roll the cuffs to look more relaxed.


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