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5 Benefits of Cable Fences That You Ought To Know

Over the years, cable fence or cable railings have been increasingly popular. Instead of spindles, glass, and mesh, cable fence uses horizontal or vertical cables as infills, which adds a sleek touch to the traditional pickets.

Though cable fences are not commonly used for fencing off an entire compound, they are great for decks, balconies, patios, and stairways. Here are some of the benefits of cable fences that you probably didn’t know about.

Gives an Unobstructed Open View and a Modern Twist for the Home

Cable fence gives the much-needed justice for the breathtaking views outside the house. Without the thick and obstructive traditional pickets, the outdoor view stands out and adds to the visual appeal of the home. Using cable barriers instead of picket railings gives an elegant and modern look for homes and businesses.

Additionally, cable fences are flexible and can blend well with the different home designs, be it traditional or contemporary. Depending on the material and colors of the railings, cable fence can give different feelings for homeowners.

For instance, more passive and neutral colors can give off a zen-like feeling, white, silver and stainless steel give off a more nautical and modern look, while brown and green give off a rustic feel.

Easy To Install, Clean And Maintain

Without much cleaning needed, cable fence can just be wiped every now and then. Commonly, freshwater is used to keep the dirt and other contaminants off of the railings. However, other cleaning aids such as pressure washer, penetrating oil, and stainless-steel cleaner can be used to clean the railings.

Railings are easy to install and can be customized and modified according to the user’s taste since they are essentially made as they are installed. Furthermore, cable railing is easy to maintain and can last longer, a wrench every once in a while, is all it needs to stay in places. Materials used for the railings are also durable as compared to other materials that tend to be too brittle and break and wither over time.

Can Provide High-Security Fence

Enjoyment of breathtaking views and sleek design are not the only things that the cable fence can offer. A business that needs a high-security fence can expect high-quality, durable, and flexible crash rated cable fence. Anti-ram fence or crash rated cable fence can increase the perimeter security by protecting against vehicular attacks and breaches.

Safe and Nature-Friendly

Cable fence is made up of strong and durable materials that ensure safety for its users, including children. Unlike transparent glass panels where birds usually end up hitting and getting injured, cable fence is surprisingly nature-friendly. Birds can easily see and fly through the cable fence without getting a scratch on their bodies.

Increase the Value of a Home

With its durability, versatility, and easy-to-maintain minimalist design cable fence make a great investment for homeowners. With a modern design, cable fence that serves both as a barrier and interior design adds visual appeal for the decks and patios and increases the structural integrity of the home, making it more valuable in the market.


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