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6 Things to consider before getting your business logo designed

Once you’ve finalzied the name for your business, the very next thing is its logo design. No one understands the idea behind your business like you do, so as the entrepreneur or the owner of business, it’s your job to help the logo designer design the best logo for your brand that lasts forever. Here are some points that will help you achieve this, or let’s say a list of things you need to provide your logo designer so you get exactly what you want in your business logo.

Logo Design

Guideline for logo design

1. Name of your company/product/service: This will be the main text in your logo. It’s your brand name, a name that you wish to be remembered easily.

2. Tagline/Slogan(optional): In case, you’ve also decided a tagline or slogan for your business, you also need to provide the same to logo designer. Normally, a tagline comes below the main text in logo and in smaller font as compared to the main text which is your business name.

3. A brief description about your business: This will help the logo designer to think about what kind of element/s should be used in the logo.

4. Target audience(Gender & Age-group): As you provide this information, it helps the logo designer to decide the theme of the logo. For example, you can not go for vintage type of logo if your target audience is kids. In that case, it needs to be playful or cartoon type of logo. This is very important aspect in logo design.

5. Industry/market of your business(e.g. Fitness, Fashion, Health etc.): Again, this information helps the designer decide the shape of logo as well as choose relevant elements.

6. Preferred colors / font types(Optional): In case, you’ve also thought about particular color to be used in the logo or particular font type, you should convey the same to logo designer. But this is optional. Normally, you get multiple options in logo design service these days where you get to choose from design options having different font style in each.

Different types of logo design: You can also go for different types of logo designs as below and choose the style that suits your business.

Minimalist | Modern | Professional | Signature | Text | Retro Vintage | Feminine | Hand drawn | Badge | Neon | App | Typography


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