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5 Common mistakes to be avoided while preparing for JEE Main 2020

JEE Main exam is one of the toughest engineering exams in India. Every year, lakhs of candidates apply for the examination. Since it is the life-defining moment for the candidates, it definitely tests their nerves. Only a handful of the students are able to make it in India’s top colleges which include IITs and NITs.

We can take an example of 2 students giving JEE Main. One has secured AIR 1 and one has AIR 20. Both these candidates have the same amount of knowledge and preparation. It is just one question, due to some silly error, that makes the difference and brings a drastic change in the ranks. While one makes a silly mistake, the other one is more focused while attempting the question paper. It is very important to put your best foot forward on D-Day. For the day to turn out the best day of your life, you need to take care of a lot of things. Choosing the incorrect method of preparation will only lead to stress and will eventually hamper the preparation and performance. Below are the basic mistakes that students should avoid while preparing for JEE Main 2020.

Bypassing the Basic concepts

Students who are preparing for the JEE Main tend to use a more method-based approach rather than understanding the basics of the topic. This approach works but a small variation in the question may leave the students puzzled about the next step. Thus, it is very important for the students to learn the basic concepts of the topics that they study. It is necessary to understand the core idea behind the question. This will not only help in enhanced understanding of the topic but also in solving them in less time.

Students prepare and gather information from a lot of sources. It is very important again to go to basics. Preparing and completing NCERT books should be the first step. It will give you a clear understanding of the topics. Solving all questions from class XI and XII books, topic wise, will give you the confidence to move to advanced questions.

Being Misguided

Students fall into general traps like not solving the questions and assuming by self-interpretation that they can solve it. This is a false assumption since the MCQ questions are tricky. They need proper understanding and solving. One small mistake in the interpretation will lead to an incorrect answer. Moreover, the answers are designed in such a manner that students fall in trap resulting in negative marks. Remember, one negative answer will lead to a huge drop in rank. Also after solving questions and giving practice papers, students become over-confident. This leads to further silly mistakes and wasting of time. It is very important to stay focused until the date of the exam. This will ensure confidence along with better solving speed.

It is also noted that students tend to leave the long question because they think those are difficult and will consume more time. It is a myth. On the contrary, long questions can be very easy and can be solved quickly if practised well before. Some students also think that by joining  JEE coaching institutions will make them crack the examination. It is important to understand here that without self-practice, it is not possible to score. No coaching institute can give this guarantee. So consistent practice is the key to success

Doubting oneself

Doubting oneself is the biggest lapse that candidates make during the preparation. Getting doubts on oneself directly increases hesitation and leads to lack of confidence. Have trust yourself and your abilities. Develop a positive mindset. To do so, implement a goal-oriented approach. Candidates who are not able to deal with this situation must take help from mentors and keep practising. Build confidence in the initial preparation.

Not following a Fixed Strategy

The common mistake that students make is that they don’t make a proper strategy for the preparation and follow it. Students prepare easy questions and leave the tough ones for later. No timeline is followed. It is important to make a schedule and stick to it diligently.

Also now with a lot of study material available online and offline, students tend to overwhelm. It creates a lot of confusion. Here it is necessary to follow one set of books and thoroughly prepare from them. Revision is also a critical aspect of the strategy that is to be followed. Keep practising and revising the topics until you get confidence in solving them.

Focusing only on Studies

While preparing, giving rest to mind and engaging in other activities is also important. Just “Eat Study Sleep” should not be the pattern. Only focusing on studies and giving no time for other daily activities and hobbies build the stress. This eventually leads to inefficiency and under-performance.

Students must stay healthy during a stressful time for JEE preparation. It is vital to have a healthy mind and body to get the best results. Students should engage in a healthy lifestyle along with studies as part of their daily routine. Playing sports, doing meditation or yoga are some of the things that will help students to focus better.

The Final Step

It is very important to stay calm and goal-oriented. Having a mentor along with self-practice will help in guidance through tough times. Time management should also be followed consistently to get the best results. Practising and constant revision will help in the long run and will make you confident while attempting any question. It is not necessary to complete the full syllabus. That will not assure you good marks. Instead, the topic-focused approach will help gain marks.

During the D-Day, hold your nerves, and achieve your dreams.


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