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How to Take Your Love for Reading and Turn it Into a Career

There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good novel. Before you know it, you’ve finished 10 chapters and it’s time to cook dinner for the evening. Reading is a hobby that many people enjoy, since there are millions of titles to choose from. If you love to read and are looking to start a new career, why not take your hobby more seriously? For some of these careers, you’ll need a college degree. If you need help paying for school, student loans are always a great go-to option.


Proofreading can either be done through a company or as freelance work. The goal here is for you to review novels, articles and other documentation to look for errors. In order to be good at what you’re doing, you need to have a clear idea of proper grammar and spelling. It might help to obtain a degree specific to English or journalism from an accredited school so that you are more able to provide the feedback clients will need.


What better way to combine your love of reading with a viable career than to become a book reviewer? Book reviewers will carefully go through each text that they’re given in order to provide their honest opinion. This could be a fantasy e-book that someone’s publishing, or it could be an owner’s manual to a gadget that needs to be reviewed for clarity and information.


Librarians work with books every single day. They help people to find the right texts according to their needs, and it’ll be your job to organize these books according to their genre and title. You don’t necessarily need a degree in order to begin a career as a librarian, but it can help you to advance within the field itself. Most towns and cities have their own libraries, so it just takes filling out an application and going on an interview with current management to get started.

College Professor

If you’d love to teach journalism or English, you can go to school to become a teacher or professor. This is an incredibly rewarding career because you’ll be able to help others reach their goals and dreams. It is up to you to create your own lesson plans and find a way to teach your students in a way that they will understand. You can combine your love of reading into these lesson plans on a regular basis.


Book scouts are similar to individuals who look for talent. Instead of trying to find a talented individual, you’re looking for a book that is good enough to be made into a movie. It is your job to read endless amounts of books to find ones that you feel would make for great entertainment. You can then present your ideas to your company in order for them to go ahead with making this arrangement a reality. This job is a lot of fun because you are essentially trying to find titles that are interesting and entertaining enough to go further than just simple wording.


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