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5 Tips to Begin Write More Interesting


We all have to write something on a daily basis, be it a proposal, articles, essays, a free research paper, presentation or even a simple email. Regardless of whether or not you are skilled in writing, the main focus should be on the message you are trying to relay. Before getting into writing more exciting essays, first you need to identify the key things that make up a good writing. They include clarity, accuracy, originality, balanced argument and briefness, but one factor we tend to overlook is interesting.

An interesting essay sparks the curiosity, lures and fixates the attentiveness of the reader. Even if you have outlined excellent points in your essay, you risk losing the attention of the reader if your material is boring. Most students think that essays should be dull and written in a particular manner that is only intended for the purpose of academic writing. Nonetheless, this is far from the truth. You should always consider the professor reading the essay who wants to find the article interesting. Even with the conforms of academic writing, there are several areas you can focus on and tips you can apply to make your writing more informative, appealing and captivating.

1. Having interest in your selected topic

One thing that will definitely spark interest in your writing is being interested in what you are writing about. Being passionate about your subject matter will be revealed naturally in your writing and it will be easy to engage and convince your readers. The opposite happens if you happen to choose a topic you lack excitement for. Therefore, opt for a topic you love.

In the event you are assigned a topic by your professor that you lack interest in, there are steps you can take to still entice your readers, such as adjusting your mindset and convincing yourself that the topic is an interesting one and always think about your readers at the back of your mind who are great fanatics of the topic you are writing about.

2. Incorporate the nitty-gritty

Not all topics you may encounter have interesting subject matter, but through your writing style and inclusion of fascinating bits, you can liven up your article and make the information more relatable. One way to do this with a dull subject is by trying to make whatever you are discussing seem appropriate in the real world.

3. Copy-paste

Get exposed to a wide range of writing styles by reading widely for example free research paper and taking note of the attributes of those you find interesting to read. When reading, internalize what the writer is doing to captivate your interest and probably underlining certain techniques, phrases, quotes and sentence structures then mimic the same in your own writing.

4. Use active voice

This is possibly the oldest trick in the book. Using active voice as opposed to passive naturally makes your paper more interesting to read. It results in a more dynamic and direct and gives the readers an impression of being in the present moment.

5. Use precise words and phrases

Keep it short and straight to the point, for example, instead of saying, “Tips to begin write more interesting”, you write, “5 tips to begin write more interesting.” instead of writing, “Do not have enough resources,” say, “lack enough resources.” Shorter phrases and words make it simpler to read while lengthy phrases make your writing look muddy.

Be attentive to what you write and proofread your work always after you are done writing. Even the slightest grammatical errors can distract your audience and compromise your otherwise good work.


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