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An Interview with Jagatsinh M. Jadeja – Doing Mammoth Work In Organizing Blood Donation Camp

Jagatsinh Jadeja - Ribda

Jagatsinh Jadeja – Ribda

Jagatsinh Jadeja is son of Gujarat’s Ex-MLA Mahipatsinh Jadeja from Ribda. He owns the Skoda Showroom situated on Rajkot-Gondal road, Rajkot. From past few years, the one, the most eminent activity of organizing blood donation camps and being instrumental in gathering record breaking blood units has provided him with the social and philanthropic identity.

L to R: Devang Vibhakar, Jagatsinh Jadeja

L to R: Devang Vibhakar, Jagatsinh Jadeja

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The inspiration

Jagatsinh M. Jadeja organizes blood donation camp, twice in a year since 2001, in memories of his late brother Ramdevsinhji M. Jadeja who passed away on 18-05-2001.

The thought of doing some social work in the memories of Late Ramdevsinhji initiated organizing blood donation camps. In the first year, 81 units(bottles) of blood were collected. Later on, the activity has grown and has taken the mammoth shape that now total number of blood units that are collected in a camp are as big as 3600. If we calculate this in terms of money, then it comes around 40,00,000/-(40 lacks Indian Rupees)!

Unique Ideology

One unique ideology of Jagatsinh that sets him apart is that he not only believes in organizing the blood donation camp but also wants to make sure that the blood also reaches to the most unprivileged people. He does not limit his social responsibility to organizing the blood donation camp but also lengthens it to making sure that the people in need of blood gets it. And he has achieved this by creating a 24/365 telephone helpline. Anyone can call on mobile number 98244 82444 from around the region of Rajkot & Saurashtra and they’ll get help of blood units, without any cost.

This extended helpline completes the circle of helping others, i.e. it reaches to the last man in the social tree!

A cordial request

We all know that it costs us from 800 to 1800 INR per blood bottle when we approach any blood bank. Henece, Jagatsinh Jadeja requests one and all, be it an individual or an organization, whoever is involved in organizing blood camps, they should also make sure that the patients suffering from Thalassaemia, Cancer and Dialysis do not have to suffer to get blood. They must be given first priority and camp organizers should make a system where this is achieved too. Sometimes simply organizing blood donation camps do not serve the cause completely.

The ultimate power behind all the activities

Other than organizing blood donation camps and able to become medium to collect 3600 blood units, Jagatsinh also arranges mass dinner/lunch for kids, Brahmins(Hindu priests) as well as friends. He recently organized such an event where mighty number of 11500 students and kids were invited for lunch! Each kid also received an additional gift too! Upon asking that how can he organize such enormous events, Jagatsinh sounded very clear from the soul about his belief in the ultimate power or the supreme power which he calls as Shakti. Displaying the virtue of humility, he gives all the credit to this Shakti that does it all, choosing him as a medium. He believes that it is not in the capacity of us humans to do the towering looking social work. It happens with the inspiration of the ultimate power.


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