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8 Types of Unique Beer Glasses and Their Uses

The beer you drink is not all that matters. It is also good to know which beer goes best with what type of glass. It is something that beer drinkers everywhere should take note of. Here are a few examples of unique glassware for beer.

The Pint Glass

The Pint Glass might be the most common glass used for beer, specifically the American Pint Glass. This glass is the type that is usually seen in bars as it is sturdy and durable and made of thick glass. Its thickness has a purpose. It is built that way so that the warmth from the hand would not affect the temperature of the beer.

The American Pint Glass is widely used in the United States. There are other types of pint glasses, too, such as the English pint glass. This glass is also referred to as Nonic glass and is best with English ales.

The Stange Glass or Stick Glass

With its six-inch height and two-inch width, it holds less than the usual amount of beer. This design is to prevent the beverage from getting too warm before it is consumed.

The Pilsner Glass

This type is similar to a Stick glass as it is tall and narrow. However, larger it is than the Stick glass, it shows off the character of the beer.

The Weizen Glass

A Weizen Glass, or what is also called a wheat glass, is used for wheat brews. The design keeps the aroma while it shows off the carbonated beauty of a beer inside.

The Thistle Glass

The Thistle is one unique glassware as it is more for presentation purposes. Its name was derived from the thistle flower because of its shape. Like the Weizen glass, it keeps the beer’s aroma in as well.

The Tulip Glass

This glass is much like the Thistle but heavily built. The Tulip glass has a larger body than the Thistle. This glass form makes it an ideal container for hoppy and aromatic types of beer like Pale or Belgian Ales.

The Snifter Glass

Because of its shape, the Snifter glass is the typical glass used for brandy. Its use and form is the reason why it is also known as the brandy snifter or balloon. The Snifter glass is also perfect for aromatic beers such as Strong Ales.

It has a full bottom and a narrow top.

The small top helps lock in the aroma while the base is made for easier cupping of the glass, which gives warmth to its contents. 

The Stein Glass / Mug

This type comes in different forms and styles, but the most common one is the mug. It has a handle attached to help preserve the temperature of the beer. This style was initially made from a German glass and has made its way all over the world.

These are only a few types of beer glasses. If you do not know which one to use, you can never go wrong with a classic. Pint glass it is. The container is essential, but nothing is more important than the people you are drinking your beer with.


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