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Password Organizer Book, do you need one?

Storing your personal credentials is tricky as it is possible that you can lose them time and time. One way of storing your personal credentials is through password books while some may prefer using sticky notes or spreadsheets.

A password organizer book in simple terms is a notebook which looks similar to notebooks that people use to store personal and important contact information. The password organizer book is different because the pages have entered login details to various sites that you have accounts on.

Why it is important to have a password organizer book

As earlier stated, passwords can easily be hacked if they have weak algorithms and when making them strong with mixed special characters, uppercase and lowercase it can be hard for some people to remember. Password organizer book can save you a big deal in such a situation as longer you keep it safe from being lost. They therefore designed not only to store your passwords but help you generate and save those passwords with strong login credentials when accessing new websites.

Having a password organizer book that you use to check your login credentials might look outdated but it has an advantage of not being tracked by hackers online. Compared to using sticky notes, password organizer is better because it is not prone to be lost as to sticky notes. To add on, when you store your passwords and or credentials in password organizer, it is hard to delete them unless you destroy the book physically.

The password organizer books however have some flipsides in terms of security. For example, you can lose the passwords and other credentials when the book gets torn, gets lost or any other means. This means that there is nothing you can do about it. It also requires carefully storage where no other person can access it. It is therefore not much safer as compared to a password manager program. It is only better and more organized than when using sticky notes.

The best password organizer book is one which is capable of storing your passwords and other login credentials safe and possible for you to access them more easily. Below are some of the best password organizer books you can ever find:

Internet Password Organizer logbook

This type of password organizer book is manufactured by Innovention Lab and offers an effective platform where you can keep track of sites, usernames, passwords and other useful data you can use on your computer. This might include information like Wi-Fi credentials, licenses, network and miscellaneous notes. The book measures 5.5 x 8 mm and has a capacity of 122 pages. It is spacious enough that you don’t need to scribble and has reinforced laminate tabs which separate the pages which are well and alphabetically organized making it more durable.

BookFactory Password Journal

The BookFactory password journal has a very simple design and very useful in keeping your email credentials, websites, usernames, all the passwords to your login sites and further extra notes in featherweight notebook. The book comes in three different sizes at different price as low as $7. Its design features o-bound notebook with durable translucent cover with acid-free 60lb pages making it possible to lie flat completely.

Personal internet Address and password Log Book

This type of password book is manufactured by Peter Pauper Press and is a very durable product. It features a spiral binding with an elastic band that enables it to close properly and has 144 pages which is more than enough space that you can write all the necessary sensitive information. Your passwords, email addresses and other login credentials can be arranged in an alphabetical order because of the tabs for easier accessibility. This product goes for a price of about $6.

My Password Organizer Book

This password organizer book measu8res 7 x 5 inches and has 130 pages which is enough space to write all the important login information for all your accounts. It also has provision for you to write some short notes with each entry and helps you organize your information in alphabetical order. This is important because it makes it easier to navigate through your stored information. Each name line has a yellow highlight to make it even easier to navigate through. It has a blank and durable cover so that no one knows what is inside making it more secure.

Alphabetical Tab Password Organizer Book

The alphabetical tab book is designed with highly durable wire binding that makes it possible for you to write from edge to edge. It also features alphabetical tabs to allow you easily access all your stored data. Its cover is of plastic design that cannot be torn more easily and is resistant to folds and rips. The 120 pages inside are also well protected. The alphabetical tab password organizer book measures 3.5 x 5.25 inches and it is easy to fill out the pages but has limited additional space for notes.

Adams Password Organizer Book

Adams password organizer is a6.25 x 3.25 inches book that has pack of three notebooks. It is designed to allow you organize your information alphabetically so that you can input new entries more easily. A single page holds four entries to minimize cluttering for easier reading. This password organizer book is very portable that you can carry it comfortably in your pocket and use it at work or while travelling. In addition, it is one of the best books that provide information on how you can keep your passwords safe.

Mini Spiral Password Organizer Book

This type of password organizer book has 60 sheets and its size is 5.5 x 7 inches. It features laminated alphabetical tabs located on each side. It makes it easier to locate the information in the entire book. The sheets are strong and more durable that allows you to use any type of ink. It is designed to accommodate up to 360 passwords and has a very strong cover that protects the sheets which are inside from tearing or wearing out.


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