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A Discrete Community

Finding a treasure is indeed an amazing experience for a treasure hunter, such is the joy of a writer of finding his own article which he had written few years back, and by now totally forgot about it. Such a case happened with me. I happened to find out below article titled “A Discrete Community” which I had written in the year 2005, six years back!! Voila! I am not surprised for the reason I found it out, but I am surprised for the reason that my thoughts were so similar with what I still have for some concepts. The below article talks about the ‘commune’ concept, where like-minded people live totally in absence of the worldly matters, situated at far away place, out of touch of humanity. You must now remember the film “The Beach” too, which also talks about such a theme.

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A Discrete Community

I often imagine about such a discrete community which is situated far from the human populated land, situated somewhere in the mid of jungle or on a far away situated island, totally dependent on natural resources, with no material facilities at all, living their life by making use of natural resources as much as possible.

In the background of such community I see that all the people of this community are master in one particular field like one is good at cooking, someone at collecting woods for generating fire, someone master at building huts or small houses of woods to live in, someone strong enough to fetch the drinking water from the near by river, someone good at fishing (for food of course for non-veg lovers) where someone good at farming the needful vegetables and fruits.

But in this community there no one called the ‘Boss’ or ‘leader’, all are masters of their own existence, no slavery at all, but still deeply attached with each other with emotions, without thinking about the outside world, enjoying their life totally with nature, chanting prayers in the evening, singing songs by making a camp-fire at night with the company of stars in the wild black starry sky, going for swimming in the near by beach together, enjoying the waterfalls, climbing the mountains situated on the island or jungle alone or in group, revealing the truth of jungle or island and doing everything that can be done without harming anyone either in the community or in the jungle or let’s say by doing nothing at all!

I know this wouldn’t be an easy life to lead, obstacles will arise, have to struggle a lot in the beginning to associate ourselves with nature, learning its signs and basics of how it works, building the community place, arranging for daily life resources, mostly food, drinking water and accommodation, but with total dedication all this can happen in real.

So what would be the first step for making this community a reality? The first step would be a search for such perfect place which is situated in a lonely place, out of reach of other humans. We would also need to see as if the local Government doesn’t put its feet in the way being an obstacle in this dream of us. This would be the most difficult task in making this community. I wonder we can find such a place either in Africa or in Antarctica. You can suggest any other place in other continent if you know. Once we clear this first step, the rest of the things would come its way, of course they won’t be easy either as nothing is easy in the beginning, but as I said, provided sufficient devotion and dedication it can be achieved.

How many of you desire to participate in this community and why? How many of you have imagined about such lonely life style already? If you have imagined so earlier, what is it you see that you’ve mastery upon? I mean how you can contribute in lessening the daily struggles of this community, like are you good at cooking, fishing, fetching water, building the wooden dens or what? What more inputs you need to add to my above thoughts? You feel some of my thoughts are not as they should be? If yes, which are they? And what do you suggest in place of them and why? Do you know any such place where we can build such community?

This is just the beginning in my thought process, yet a lot more to come in this subject, but first let me know your thoughts too on this subject so as we can proceed further in the world of fantasies and imagination.


Ok, so if you have had strength to read till here, I first congratulate you for doing so :). I am sure that some of you might find this thought of mine as lunatic, but then so called lunatics are known to have made a difference in the history of mankind. I am not sure after six years of writing this article, about really having such a permanent commune but I am damn sure about having such a place where like-minded people get-to-gather and live for a week or weekend without any material thing which becomes hurdle in our existence. So to say, of course, it doesn’t mean we don’t even wear material clothes, we do, but then, it depends!


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