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Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson, Defence of Human Rights

Zahid-Gishkori-with Amina and her daughter

Zahid-Gishkori-with Amina and her daughter

Amina Masood Januja is Fighting for her Husband’s release in Pakistan

Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua, Chairperson Defence of Human Rights is struggling for the missing persons in Pakistan. She also left no stone unturned for early release of her husband who is said to be in custody of intelligent agencies of Pakistan in Gujar Khan, an area of Rawalpindi district since 2005.

“Speakbindas” brought to light an interesting tale of a brave woman, who became the face of the disappearances in Pakistan, reflecting that how a female can be a last straw of hope for the missing persons in Pakistan.

“Yes she is Mrs. Amina Masood Janjua who campaigned unrelentingly in her aim to see not only the release of her husband, but also the release of all the other men/women who have been caught by the indiscriminate detention policies of the Pakistani intelligence services.”

Speaking to Zahid Gishkori, Special Correspondent of ‘Speakbindas’ she goes through a telling tale of the way the detentions have affected the lives of various poor Pakistanis.


  • Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Mrs. Janjua

  • I am Amina Masood Janjua. I hail from Rawalpindi, a beautiful city of Pakistan and my husband, Masood Ahmad Janjua who is missing for the last four years and one month. I have two sons and one daughter.


  • Can you please tell us about your early life and education?

Mrs. Janjua

  • In the pre-partition days my family lived at India before the emergence of Pakistan. Then my family moved to NWFP at the time of partition. Later we moved to Rawalpindi. I completed my Masters in Fine Arts from University of Punjab (Pakistan).


  • Would you like to tell us more about your husband’s background who is missing till date?

Mrs Janjua

  • Mr. Masood Janjua is basically an educator. He was running an IT college as well as he is also a businessman. In his mind, new ideas are coming all the time. He then came into this business of travel agency which he was doing well before missing.
Zahid with Amina

Zahid with Amina


  • Mrs. Janjua can you tell the readers about your likes and dislikes as a love couple?

Mrs. Janjua

  • Yes, in smiling mood, most of our friends have religious ideas, they believed in the preaching and practice of Islam. We have to look out for all fellow human beings, our earnings should not just be for ourselves, God has given us the money for those who are less fortunate and who are deprived.
  • “We are not more moderate and dislike modernism of Europe. However, we are not so conservative adding we regularly visited hotels, barbeques and public parks but believed in simplicity.”


  • Told about Aisha and her two brothers, how much they miss him?

Mrs. Janjua

  • Oh, Aisha who is now in 6th class asks me daily mother (mama) when my father (papa) is coming back? I told her that your papa will come soon. Continuing the grief Amina said, my eldest son is Muhammad, he is 20 and the second one is Ali who is 17 year old. My husband was very fond of children, and he used to spend a lot of time with them.


  • Especially tell us about Aisha how she becomes abnormal when someone asks her about her father?

Mrs. Janjua

  • I can not describe how she must be facing this situation in such a normal way because she was never close to me; she hardly knew anything about me. My other children would never come to me, always taking the side of their father. They were not fond of me, they would always say that Ami (mother) is always shouting, always scolding, always telling them to behave properly.


  • In which circumstances your husband was missed?

Mrs. Janjua

  • He was missed in July 2005 when he was on his way to a bus stop for some works. So far as the circumstance I can think of which led to his probable arrest is because he used to like to preach about Islam.


  • Can you give an account of your upward question in movement of the protection of human rights?

Mrs. Janjua

  • I believe that all the news stories regarding my husband have been supposed by the media persons especially the foreign media. Actually the tale is that he was going to take a taxi, he left the house through the front gate and literally only had to turn the corner to get to the main road which he would have been able to take the taxi.
  • I was standing outside watching him go, and I remember that at that time I had a very strange feeling, I just wanted to run after him and stop him from going. Even when he turned the corner, my heart sank.
Amina's file photo with her missing Husband

Amina's file photo with her missing Husband


  • Have you received any news about your husband yet?

Mrs. Janjua

  • With the disappearance of him husband in July 2005 first time, received a call by a senior officer of intelligent agencies of Pakistan that he was in custody of intelligence agencies in Gujar Khan (Rawalpindi) Pakistan.

“Yes someone called me from an unknown number which
was not appearing on mobile screen last week saying that your husband is in custody of agencies in Gujar Khan in healthful condition.”

“He did not tell me his name saying that it is not allowed to me,”
she said and added the call was dropped when she questioned “When you people will release my husband?”


  • Would you like to tell about your husband Masood’s business?

Mrs. Janjua

  • Why not, his business is still run by his own family with a local partner in Rawalpindi city.


  • How many countries he visited as traveler agent?

Mrs. Janjua

  • As a travel agent he went to the Far East, Middle East, all over the world in fact. A lot of travel agents are gathered there and they educate each other. We traveled together to Switzerland.


  • How you people feel loneliness at a time when your family chieftain has been missed?

Mrs. Janjua

  • People would always comment on how is it possible that we would live in such an ideal way, that we would never speak ill of one another, that we would happily spend the majority of our time with one another. Every second or third month we would go somewhere with one another, to Murree, to hilly areas, to the northern areas; we would spend a couple of days just relaxing.
  • I always try to make my children to constantly remind that their father is a perfect gentleman, and that no matter what, he will come back. I am giving them this confidence, and I give it to them so strongly that they believe it. My daughter Aisha asks me why I’m crying, and I tell her that it is ok to do so because I miss him and it is a relief.


  • What about Defence for Human Rights as an organization?

Mrs. Janjua

  • I just happened to come in it when I had no where else to go. From every direction I had no answer. From government to judiciary, I knew nothing at all. I contacted Khalid Khawaja through a mutual friend. I did not know him at all, but was told that he was a very nice person who would guide us, and that already he had been guiding families in a similar position as me. He was very cooperative saying that we did not have anything to worry about, things are difficult, but when we put pressure on the government, avenues do open up.


  • What are the basic aims of your organization and how they match of your noble cause?

Mrs. Janjua

  • The basic aim of my organization is to provide help to the families of missing persons in Pakistan. I became so active, because you know I had to do something. I cannot do it on my own. I contacted various mothers who wanted to find their dear ones, they would have to work and that they would be with me all the way.
  • I contacted all these families and I notified them about the protest we were going to stage in the country and tried to convince them that they should come there. I explained that we would be making banners asking the judiciary and President of Pakistan to help our situation. So far we have 460 families who have joined this cause, and more are joining.


  • How did you know about Speakbindas?

Mrs. Janjua

  • I read your interview with Mr. Ansari, a veteran journalist of Pakistan on internet a few weeks ago and then forwarded my request to you to highlight the issue of missing persons in Pakistan. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us.


The interviewer is Speakbindas Special Correspondent in Islamabad (Pakistan) and can be reached at: zahidgishkori@gmail.com


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    very good zahid

    continue your profession like that

    my best wishes with you

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    The issue has yet to reveal a lot , but ur effort is admirable. Keep it up!

    By d way what is ” intelligent agency” ?

  4. Bilal Ishfaq Aamir Sani from Islamabad says:

    Respected friend and colleague Zahid your work admirable and issue taken in interview vital. Recovery of missing persons has become talk of town but the government and authorities concerned despite their tall claims and pledges have done nothing to satisfy thousands of families looking ways of their beloved ones. Dear your raised the issue of missing persons which is commendable. However the families and innocent children of thousands of others missing persons question that who would represent them and raise voice for recovery of their beloved brothers, sons and fathers. Hope you continue to work on such issues. Wish you best of luck in future and prayers that may u progress in professional skills by leaps and bounds.

  5. Ahsan says:

    Its really an indepth interview which covers all appects of Janjua’s life and struggle. Mr Gashkori has mastered the craft of interviewing and then penning it in an impressive way.

  6. Kashif Choudhary says:

    Dear Gishkori,
    In my views you have done a great job by taking the interview of Amina Masood Janjua Chairperson of Defence of Human Rights. .You are a good interviewer as well as a good journalist, and this must be job for a journalist to promot issues related to human espects.
    Pakistani media persons should have to promot issue of missing persons in international media, those were missed in Musharf’s Period ,so that the current government should take solid steps to resolve this issue, and I think you made a great step for this purpose.
    May Allaha Almighty helps you to continue this holy profession.

    Kashif Choudhary

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    Salam bro
    i really enjoy reading such an interview that touches the hearts and the minds of so many people.
    Dear Zahid you did agood job and Allah will reward you for helping the people like Amina who is suffering the atrocities comitted by law enforcement agencies. Inshalah i expect that one day she will re-unite her husband.

  11. M.A.Ansari says:

    Indeed a good effort done by Mr.Gishkori for missing persons in Pakistan. Yes Amina is striving hard to trace the disappearances requesting the authorities concerned. As a human rights activist I requested Mr. Gishkori to work with our Organisation while living in Pakistan or wherever he wants. The interview is also raised a question when Amina’s husband is in Gujar Khan why he is not allowing to meet with his family members? please keep up such efforts for welfare of human beings as their difficulties decreased to set in.

  12. haider ali says:

    mr zahid its been a previllege for a journalist to work for the betterment of the society. we, as pakistani journalists, are facing seriously problems while fulfilling our professional duties.you intervied ms janjua in such suffocating environment just to let the people know what is being happened in islamic republic where people always face consequences for speaking truth and this is what mr janjua has paid. excellent work.

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    The issue has yet to reveal a lot , but ur effort is admirable. Keep it up!.By d way what is ” intelligent agency” ?

  16. M Shoaib Alamgir says:

    My uncle is also missing since five years.
    We have tired and we can’t do any more.
    Please find him for us.I need the e-mail address of Miss Amina Masood Januja if possible.
    If any one know, plz plz plz mail me on my e-mail address at khoshpk@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance

    M. Shoaib Alamgir
    +92 321 5578455

    1. Hi Shoaib,

      I have requested Zahid Gishkori accordingly via email to contact you and see if he can be of any help. Follow him on email.

  17. Shakeel Ahmad Ansari says:

    My brother Hussain Ahmad Ansari is missing since 13 years from Multan. He was an intellectual person and a great architect of his kind. I am joining your forum with a hope to meet my brother again. My cell number is 0333-5561697 and live in Multan

    1. Amir Ahmad says:

      you can contact Zahid Gishkori sahib on +92 2879123-7

  18. zahid hussain borhani, advicate supreme court says:

    i am shortly planning to com to I’abad. i would like to meet Mrs. Janjuwa. can i get her email address. with wishes n success in your endeavours.

  19. Syed Mansoor Ali Shah says:

    I as an aggrieved father desire to make a contact with Madam Amina Masood Janjua
    regarding the enforced disappearance of my son Syed Qasim Ali Shah since 13th
    September, 2009.

  20. Imran Javed says:

    I want to meet you on disappearance of many people.

  21. Amina Masood janjua is very hard working activist for humin rights

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    Honorably stated to please be submitted the subject mentioned above for sympathetic consideration.

    Sabit gul
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