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Bhagwad Gita Written in Mirror Image by Piyush Goel


Piyush Goel a resident of Dadri has written Bhagwad Gita in mirror image. Ho was he motivated to take upon such an unique way? He says that in the year 2000 an accident changed his life. In 2003 there was a Katha organized on Shreemad Bhagwad Gita , he used to go daily two times , on the last day in the evening, an idea stuck into his mind, “why should I not start writing Shreemad Bhagdad Gita in mirror image?”, then he started writing in Hindi. After completing in Hindi, he started writing it in English too (all 18 Chapters , 700 shlokas.

Piyush says, “It  is the first Bhagwad Gita in the world written in mirror image. I wrote the epic in my own hand writing in two languages, Hindi and English. One can read all the 18 chapters and 700 verses in front of a mirror.” The feat certainly shows the will power of a man who put everything readable in front of a mirror. He says, “Since my childhood  I had a strong desire to copy everything in front of a mirror. Though I was not sure to achieve this uncommon art, yet I did it.” He recalled how an accident had changed his life. I met with a serious accident in year 2000 and remained in bed for a long time. At that time I had developed this art, he reveals. A resident of Dadri, Piyush is now known as ‘Mirror Image Man’.


Piyush, born on 10th Feb, 1967, Aquarian belongs to a middle class family in Dadri, Near Noida, elder son of Dr. Devender Kumar Goel and mother  Ravikanta. He is Diploma Mechanical Engineering passed in the year 1987, Diploma in Material Management, Diploma in Vastu Shastra and Diploma in Business Management. creative, believe in God too much, believe in Love & Friendship.


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