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Bhajiya party at an Indian Restaurant

Bhajiya is an Indian spicy dish. It is mostly popular in state of Gujarat, India. One fine night, myself and my friends Kunal Pandya and Rajesh Patel decided to visit a local restaurant ‘Darbar na Bhajiya‘.

As far as I remember, Kunal had recently purchased a car then. And you know that when your friends buy something new, they are to throw a party or give some treat.

Me and Rajesh were pulling Kunal for few days to throw a party, and this video is a result of the same!

Bhajiya is one of the popular Indian vegetarian dishes. It is spicy in taste. Infact, dish of Bhajiya has a variety in making. There are various types of Bhajiya dishes such as Chilly Bhajiya, Potato Bhajiya, Onion Bhajiya, foenugreek grass Bhajiya.

There are many such Indian resturants who serve the dish of Bhajiya, but it is said that dish Darbar’s Bhajiya has a different kind of taste. And how true it is! Enjoying Bhajiya with tasty pungent (a kind of sauce) is a very spicy experience.  Mostly a dish of Bhajiya contains some five to six pieces of Bhajiya, but comes with unlimited tasty pungent. Infact, they keep a bowl full of it right on your table. Enjoy it as much as you like to!

In above video, you can see that this restaurant is not that rich in look.

Chairs are old, and so is the table.

But who cares when friends are together?

Fortunately, I had camera with me that day, and while we were waiting for Bhajiya, we thought to have some fun.

Rajesh is a good guy, rather a sincere guy. But Kunal has his own sense of humor (sometimes humorless to.. ha ha ha), so you can get to see him cracking some jokes.

If you are visit Gujarat ever in your life, make sure to have a taste of this spicy dish. It will be available on most of Gujarati restaurant menu for you to order and cherish. This is not for soft eaters actually. If you love spicy food, Bhajiya is the one such you should taste for sure.

Here is a recipe of making Chilly Bhajiya (known as Mirchi Bhajiya locally).


  • 10 nos big size green chillies
  • 1 Table spoon Ajwain
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 cups besan (Powder of Gramseeds)
  • Oil to deep fry

Procedure of making Bhajiya

  • Boil water, add chillies mix for 30 seconds and remove. Let them to cool.
  • Take besan in a vessel add water (very little), add salt, baking soda to it.
  • Grind Ajwain, salt and a little besan. Stuff this into all the chillies.
  • Dip chillies into besan and deep fry them untill they turn red.
  • Serve hot with green chutney.


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