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IMPOTENCE is out of the closet. You can walk up to a chemist; buy a pill and it helps – temporarily at least with great risk of heart attack and sometime permanent blindness. A whopping 25 per cent of males in the state are believed to be suffering...
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What is your favorite language?

Hey, everyone what is your favorite language and why? I am asking this question to you people who are spending their precious time to read my article. Well, let me start my article with answer of this question. As far as my knowledge is concerned, I believe that...
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Bhajiya party at an Indian Restaurant

Bhajiya is an Indian spicy dish. It is mostly popular in state of Gujarat, India. One fine night, myself and my friends Kunal Pandya and Rajesh Patel decided to visit a local restaurant ‘Darbar na Bhajiya‘. As far as I remember, Kunal had recently purchased a car then....
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