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bnbed.com provides an opportunity to become a proud host and generate income

When you’re planning to travel to places, in my earlier post I talked about finding the best places to stay through bnbed.com. An extended facility that is provided by the site is for the owner of property such as Villa, Bed & Breakfast, Apartments, House etc. who can make use of their property to its optimum by listing it on bnbed.com


It works quite in a simple manner without much hustle. As a property owner, all you need to do is host your property on bnbed.com by registering with them and providing all required details such as amenities, photographs of your property, location etc. Once you’ve set-up your profile on the site, your property gets visible to all travelers who are looking for place to stay. And if they happen to be traveling the city your property is located at, you get the opportunity to get the booking without any marketing from your side and without any investment also.

Once the traveler goes through your property and likes it, bnbed.com provides the facility to traveler to book your property directly from there. You get the intimation about the same. bnbed.com charges 3% from the host, i.e you and 10.5% from the traveler or client.

It is quite an enhancing platform where the opportunity to get bookings is increased if you’ve your property listed on bnbed.com, be it villa, paying guest accommodation, guest house, apartment or a room in your home.

Listing your property on site is also easy and their guided form gets your property available for booking to prospective clients in no time. Give it a shot and increase the chances to get more bookings by making sure that your property has an additional way of getting clients without much of work from your side.


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