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Couples Counseling Guide in Campbell, California

More than 150,000 weddings occur in Campbell and the rest of California each year. Of these marriages, roughly 50 percent end up in divorce as a result of extra-marital affairs, lack of communication, unrealistic expectations, and constant arguing.

On a positive note, 97 percent of couples who underwent therapy got the help they needed. One of the most traditional yet effective ways of repairing a broken marriage is through Couples Counseling Campbell CA.

Couples counseling is a process that attempts to resolve interpersonal conflicts and enhance romantic relationships. It is most often conducted by a licensed marriage and family therapist from Uplift Psych Group and lasts 30 to 60 minutes every session.

Marriage counseling can also help promote personal growth and self-awareness. It tackles how individuals correlate with other people like friends and co-workers to further examine the root cause of the problem.

Opting for Couples Counseling in Campbell, CA, will also help individuals analyze the wrong and right parts of their relationship. It enables couples to rationally discuss their differences and find ways to solidify their bond.

What to Look For in Marriage Therapists?

Finding the right therapist is the only preparation needed for marriage counseling. Ask doctors, friends, health insurers, or mental health agencies for recommendations. Interviewing several therapists before deciding on one may also help as well.

Ask every shortlisted therapist about their experience, training, license, and credentials. Usually, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy accredits marriage therapists in California.

Finding out the number of sessions and the entire treatment plan will let patients know how it can create positive changes to their current situations. Asking for the fees of every marriage therapist will further help narrow down choices and ensure that that you are getting the best value for your money.

What to Expect Every Session?

Couples counseling usually brings partners together for joint therapy sessions. Couples will learn how to recognize problems without blaming each other and instead examine how things can be improved.

Some sessions might end up in silence after constant arguing and yelling. The therapist will act as the referee and will help couples cope with resulting emotions.

Unlike other forms of therapy, there is no clear timetable about the duration of the treatment. Most counselors recommend couples to attend at least three months of treatment with one session per week to maximize the benefits.

The treatment plan will depend on the situation. Couple counseling also helps partners find out that their differences are irreconcilable.

In this case, a Campbell marriage counselor will focus on a plan of ending the relationship on good terms. Separate treatment may also be needed, especially if one of the partners is coping with substance abuse or mental illness.

In Campbell, about 4.1 percent of divorced individuals are living with a mental condition. Opting for additional health services ensure that couples are in the right frame of mind before discussing their relationship.

Choosing to go to marriage counseling can feel like a huge step. Not only couples have to consider their commitment to getting better but also the financial aspects of therapy.


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