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Desi Dishes You Can Prepare at Home

Asia remains to be one of the places with deep ethnic roots, tourist spots, and sumptuous local dishes. From the temples in Myanmar to the serene islands of Thailand, Asia is a melting pot of beliefs, tradition, taste, and culture.

Aside from the scenic views and memorable experiences, the region is also home to a lot of savory desi recipes.

Now, you can bring home a piece of Asia by learning to prepare the following desi recipes. This quick list provides some of the easiest ones that you can whip up for you and the whole family.

  1. Desi Baked Potatoes

This easy dish needs around 15 minutes to complete. You need to prepare potatoes, a little bit of salt, pepper, chaat spice, butter, and lemon juice.

After washing the potatoes, cut them into cubes and boil them with their skin unpeeled.

The boiled potatoes should then be placed in a greased baking pan. Add the salt, chaat spice, and black pepper. Next, add the squeezed lemon juice. Then, put butter on top. Place the container in the oven, broiling the ingredients for 3 minutes. Once done, you can serve your desi baked potatoes.

  1. Desi Soup with Bones

Desi soup with mutton bones is a delectable broth that requires a bit of patience as it takes about two to three hours of cooking. Despite that, the preparation is effortless.

The main ingredient, mutton bones, can be enhanced by including chicken meat of the same weight or amount (for a total of 50 to 1 kilograms). Add a combination of coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, onions, pepper, tomatoes, and turmeric to create that distinct Asian aroma and taste.

Add four to five pieces of tomatoes and 1 to 1.5 tablespoons of spices. Add about a teaspoon each for salt and turmeric to top off the broth’s final taste.

Place all your ingredients in a pan with three to four glasses of water and bring it to a boil. Then simmer on low heat for the next two to three hours. Serve hot and enjoy.

  1. Desi Pulao and Apple Pudding

Desi pulao is a traditional rice dish for dinner that puts together mutton and beef. Pairing this with a tasty apple pudding to complement the meaty taste brings the best of Asian and Western recipes.

  1. Desi Omelet and French toast

In a typical Pakistan and Indian breakfast, this dish is quite common since omelet is one of the recipes that are very famous in these countries. Aside from the fact that these two taste good when paired with each other, they are also easy and quick to prepare and cook, which makes them very convenient.

One Asian element in this dish is the addition of spice. Some herbs are also added to the omelet to create that Asian taste that makes this recipe very local and customized to these two countries.

You can prepare these recipes at home. If there are any Asian restaurants in your area, you can also try these dishes and get a taste of Asia from where you are.

These desi recipes are commonly known for their savory taste, a testament to the rich agricultural treasure of Asia.

The spread of these recipes across the globe only signifies that diversity is also evident in the food we love to eat. And when you get the chance, discover and explore the world’s dishes. It is also one way of experiencing different places.


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