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Dating Advice for Men

On a date with a woman? Wish to impress her with your first sight? Follow the below dating advise, with your wisdom.

Don’t make her wait

This is the first and most important dating advise for men. Be there on schedule. This will deliver the message that you respect her time.


Bring some gift with you for her so that she remembers you every time she takes a look at that gift. Make sure that you give the gift to her when she is attentive with it. Timing is important. Don’t just give it away the moment you meet her. Let the talk begin, let the eyes meet and then when you feel, it’s time, give it as a surprise, without any loud presentation (like you’re gifting her a $1000 dress!). Do so with a smile on your face.

Crack Jokes

You ain’t on a business meeting, right? So keep it cool. Once the conversation is on, crack some jokes which matches the discussion subject. This would leave an impact that you are a man of wisdom.

Let her see your face

Yes, she would like to observe you, if you allow her to. So during conversation when you’re finding words to speak, try acting that you are bringing those words out of thinking process and during this behavior let your eyes be out of her face. This will add two benefits. One, she will be able to look at you without you staring into her eyes and second, she would think that you’re a man of thoughts 🙂


As and when needed, let it flow.

Don’t interrupt her

Some women take time to convince her point. You would even feel that she is going round-round and has forgotten the point. But hold on. She would reach to her point. Don’t interrupt her. Let her finish. And when she completes her conversation – rather a long conversation, say that “Wow! I am indeed impressed the way you elaborate your point with such depth. It helped me understand it very well.” This works like magic, give it a try and see the result.

Inspire her

During conversation, if you find out that she feels less confident about something, don’t scratch that nor support her low confidence, but try to strengthen her with motivation that she can do that. If nobody had said this to her earlier, she would indeed be your woman, as she wants a man who believes in her. Be that man.

Magic of halt

While speaking, act as if you wish to praise how you like something about it, but not finding words to match your feeling. This would get her curious to know about it in form of words. So she would demand about it. Then, halt for a while, and then deliver the magical words.


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