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Visualize the Collapse of Corruption Demon

As per Mayan Prophecies, the money centered consciousness has already collapsed, even though it is yet to be fully reflected in the world we live in. In spiritual terms, cosmic consciousness has already moved away from money as the central concern of society and now it is being channeled to manifest on the planet earth. Hence it is no wonder that leaders like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have sprung up in no time, as they were suitable channels for such a manifestation. I have no doubt in mind that this corruption demon has to collapse very soon.

Anti Corruption movement has been portrayed as the second freedom struggle. All of us can contribute to this movement by focusing our spiritual energies towards collapse of the corruption culture. To make this point further clear I would like to give the reference of India’s Freedom Movement. It was not just Mahatma Gandhi, who led the spirit of the people, but Sri Aurobindo also made a significant contribution by channeling the spiritual energy to create the empowering vision of India’s Freedom. His visualizations of Indian freedom were so precise and vivid that in 1918 he declared that India would attain freedom on his seventy fifth birthday. And how accurate he was. India attained freedom on 15th August 1947, his seventy fifth birthday. One may wonder at such an precise prediction. However, such a feat can be accomplished by powerful visualization techniques.

Here is a visualization technique I am suggesting for everyone to practice and make contribution to the second freedom struggle.

1. Sit down with close eyes. Breath deep. Fill your belly with breath and then breath out deeply. Breath is such a manner for 5 minutes and feel the relaxation all over your body.

2. Now imagine a vast demon named corruption, surrounded by the public from all around. Demon is trying to threaten the whole public. Now imagine that public starts to fire arrows at this demon which hits him at his naval and all over his body. He starts to burn. Imagine that this demon keeps burning and finally collapses and his ashes falls on the earth.

3. Now imagine the flowers showering all over our country and people dancing in celebration.

4. Open your eyes.

Everyone is requested to spend 15 minutes everyday for one full week. This will result in the building up of energy which will result in the collapse of corruption demon.

Activists of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION movements can also do this technique to intensify this energy and empower themselves.

Corruption demon is going to collapse soon.

P.S.: Special thanks to Jimmy Goswamy for creating supporting images.


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2 thoughts on “Visualize the Collapse of Corruption Demon

  1. Sarvesh says:

    Lovely..lovely..simply lovely!!

  2. Jigar Patel says:

    Sorry to say this!

    I would rather spend 15 minutes a day educating people on how important it is for them to raise their voice all together and come out of their homes to support Anna.

    ‘Closing your eyes” and “Deep breathing” is what we have been doing since 1947. Let us actually get out of our ‘self-fish’ life and actively participate in killing the monster of corruption!

    Again, maybe your techniques are not wrong. But they are definitely not what we need at this time—this being the only opportunity to be heard!


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