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Do you hate Mondays?

I hate mondays

A strange but good feeling starts playing within us right from Saturday evening. The holiday of Sunday is approaching when no work will be our ‘to do’ list, when we do spend time with our family or friends, wake up late, eat when we feel like and do anything without any purpose, or say do nothing at all.

And then the Monday morning approaches. The feeling is again strange but mostly worse. Getting up early becomes the first hurdle followed by reaching office in time. Leaving bed is itself a herculean task after the favorable void space of passed Sunday. Monday seems like the worst of the week, doesn’t it?

I must admit that I used to hate Monday like anything when I used to do a job. Only Sunday was a relief giving day. Monday was the relief taking one. But after being self-employed this feeling of hate has decreased to a great level but still deep inside the feeling of Mondays is not so good compared to other weekdays.

Here is an article on How to Beat the Monday morning blues article.

How about you? You the member of “I hate Mondays” world group?!!!

Do tell us, do you hate Mondays?


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2 thoughts on “Do you hate Mondays?

  1. sweta shivdasani says:

    well ! Its same even with me because I am an employer and I have to serve the institute and therefore when its a week going to end it give a feeling of relief and when its enjoyed again there is the stress (though we are good at our work place) how to work more and more in a better way!!! But its obvious, to get up early in the morning is too difficult and that is why Mondays seems to be fearful! But once we get up everything gets into routine….that’s the life…

  2. rutu says:

    ya its true that i hate monday also,coz i m student and for student is very boring part.

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