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Drive Around in Your Dream Car – Don’t Buy, Subscribe Instead

Most people would like to have a car. The road trips, the easy commute, the freedom to explore and discover, and the overall convenience are the images that pop up when one thinks of owning a car. However, there is the other side – rising new car prices, the down payment, the EMIs, the maintenance costs, and the other paperwork. These are the liabilities that can stop you from getting what you want. But what if there was a solution where you can enjoy the benefits of car ownership without having to worry about liabilities? The age of subscription is here and it is making life much easier for everyone. Just like Netflix and iTunes helps you access shows and music, you can now subscribe to a car and there are many benefits to it.

No Down Payment for Car Subscription

Scraping together a down payment to get a new car can take its toll. You would be giving away a large chunk of money that you have saved over time. This is where car subscription is changing the game. With no down payment required, many people are relishing having a car and also some extra money in their hands. Instead of paying the down payment, car subscribers can invest in other more productive and rewarding things that will make them richer in the long run.

Earn more with the Listing Option

The savings do not stop with the skipping of down payment and maintenance costs. There are ways you can reduce your subscription costs too. As a subscriber, you will have access to the larger Zoomcar rental network. If you are not using your car for an extended period, which often happens, you can list it on the Zoomcar platform and get paid for it! Many subscribers save thousands on their fees using this very useful feature.

Free Maintenance

The salesperson selling you a new car probably will not mention it but maintenance costs for a car can be quite steep. However, with the ZAP car subscription service, that headache is taken away from the subscriber. Maintenance is free and conducted by a trusted team of mechanics. If you think your vehicle needs servicing, place the request and the ZAP team will come to pick it up. The car will be returned to you very quickly after a thorough check and maintenance routine is completed.

So Many Cars to Choose From

Car enthusiasts will enjoy the variety that car subscription offers. A ZAP subscription can be as short as six months and you get to choose from the best car models available in the Indian market. Drive a sedan or shift to a hatchback. Try out an SUV even or stick to a trusted model that you love. Car subscription with ZAP can go up to 2 years too so there is enough choice of tenures for all types of requirements.

With a subscription service, you can drive any car you want by paying a flat monthly fee. The savings for you are enormous and you enjoy all the benefits of a car owner. Can it get any better? Start considering car subscription.


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