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Interview – Marine Engineer Officer – Dushyant Kamalia

Dushyant Kamalia

Videos of Interview – two parts

Part 1

Part 2

Dushyant Kamalia is a Marine Engineer Officer in Merchant Navy. At the age of just 23 years old, he completed his first contract of eight months and sailed all the time on a ship in oceans along with visiting different countries such as West Indies, Uruguay and Brazil.

Dushyant Kamalia

Normally people from Gujarat are not known for joining Navy, Army or Air-force, rather they are known for their business skills. But there are some gems too from Gujarat who are serving the Navy, Army or Air-force. Dushyant is one such a young & Gujarati gem who works in Merchant Navy.

Dushyant Kamalia

He talks about the adventurous and interesting lifestyle of this profession. An opportunity to travel to different countries is one for instance. Getting to know different culture, sea-life, sea-creatures and onboard multi-cultural environments are some of the interesting factors that do excite the youth of today.

Dushyant Kamalia

His family supported him whole heartedly to chose a job which is rarely chosen by Gujaratis. The only drawback, if at all that is, is that one has to stay away from home for months. But at the other side, kind of remuneration, adventure they receive is extra ordinary. Dushyant says “I have been asked few a times that despite being a Gujarati why I chose this field?” to which he replies as “It’s my passion.”

Dushyant Kamalia

In this exclusive interview, he talks about his onboard experiences, his job profile, sea-life and much more. He is very passionate and hence delivers an exclusive message for today’s parents who draw a safety line around their children when it comes to joining Navy. According to him, this profession is not hard at all if one is passionate about it.

Dushyant Kamalia

Watch a young man living a life with total work satisfaction and with full of passion.

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3 thoughts on “Interview – Marine Engineer Officer – Dushyant Kamalia

  1. dineshtilva says:

    દુષ્યંત જેવો “જાંબાજ” મારી પાસે તેમના પર્સનલ વીજીટીંગ માટે આવે છે. દેવાંગને વાત કરી કે આ મરીન એન્જીનીઅર એવું કયાંક ભણેલ છે, તે મારા માટે નવું લાગ્યું છે. તો આનું ઈન્ટરવ્યું કરીએ અને સ્પીક્બીન્દાસમા મુકીએ જેથી આવા એનર્જેટિક આપના દેશના બીજા યંગ છોકરાઓને એ બાબતે જ્ઞાન મળે અને નવી દિશા મળે. દેવાન્ગને આ વાત ગમી એ બોલ્યા અમારી ટીમને પણ આ સબ્જેક ગમશે પણ આ “જાંબાજ” ને ગોતવો ક્યાં? મે કીધું એ પાણીનો માણસ છે, અને દેવાંગે તેને ન્યારી ડેમ પર ગોતી લીધો.. દેવાંગ, રૂપલ અને તમારી ટીમ ને ધન્યવાદ… દુષ્યંત પણ ભારત દેશનો હીરો છે.

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  2. Jagdeesh SIR says:

    extra ordinary and different personality . he is like RENCHO. India needs these kind of
    youngsters to be superpower.

  3. jonar says:

    .tnx.. for an inspiring.. adventure.by the way . i am now a graduating student of maritime school here in phil.

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