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Interview of Pravinbhai Patel, creator of Natural Pipal Leaf Gift Article

Natural Pipal Leaft Gift Article

Dinesh Tilva, (Marketing Head) providing information on the product

The world is full of numerous kinds of gift articles. But there are some which are very unique and interesting. Such is the “Natural Pipal Leaf Gift Article” developed by Rajkot based businessman Pravinbhai Patel.

Pravinbhai Patel
Pravinbhai Patel

The color of natural pipal leaf is green. By making it go through some process it is then turned into a different and very dashing looking color. A statue of Hindu God or Goddess is then put right before it and this duo is covered with the protection of round plastic frame, which gets gold coated.

Natural Pipal Leaf Gift Article
Natural Pipal Leaf Gift articles: (Left to Right: Jumbo, Regular, Mini & Nano)

Just by looking at it, we feel its beauty. It comes into four difference sizes such as Nano, Mini, Regular and Jumbo. We can chose anyone we feel like. The regular size pipal leaf gift article is best used among others. Mini and Nano are mostly used to be put in cars. Rather, the vision of Pravinbhai Patel and Dharmeshbhai Patel (associate) is to have this gift article in every car.

Natural Pipal Leaf Gift Article
Natural Pipal Leaf Gift Article

Their monthly production is 3000 – 4000 pieces. Demand comes from various parts of Gujarat and India such as Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

Natural pipal leaf being processed
Natural pipal leaf being processed

His inspiration to make such a gift article by making use of a natural pipal leaf comes from an experience when he saw such gift article having artificial pipal leaf. He felt that why a natural pipal leaf can be put inside it, giving the customers a feeling of having something original? And thus, he created it.

Raw natural pipal leaves
Raw natural pipal leaves

Pipal tree is the only tree that provides oxygen 24 hours unlike other trees which omit carbon dioxide at night. There are many other medicinal usage of pipal leaf to cure different diseases. In Hinduism, pipal tree is worshipped too.

In conversation with Pravinbhai Patel
In conversation with Pravinbhai Patel

In this interview, you will get to see dashing gift article made from natural pipal leaf, along with a story of Pravinbhai Patel which tells us that if you have a passion about something you can do it regardless of formal education.

Final packing
Final packing

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