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Entrepreneurs launch first social media powered magazine

Oct. 15, 2014 – New York – With the world famous Fashion Week passed, there are some groups who are already gearing up for the next one. The spring collections are still on the drawing boards, but they will be ready to be seen on the catwalk before most people realize the pollen is down.

Many outside of the fashion world are also taking note, and these people have decided to tap into one of the most powerful elements in the world, that of social media and print media. The result could shake the foundations of both. Two entrepreneurs have released a new magazine solely on social media.

The first edition debuted on Oct. 7, closely aligned to Fall Fashion Week. The second edition plans to expand considerably to coincide with the Spring/Summer Fashion Week of 2015. Plans are to release the magazine bi-annually matching both the Fashion Weeks.

Those who will be prominently featured in the new magazine will be the same group who will have such a large hand in the management and creation of Fashion Week. Additionally, some of the most famous and follower rich members of social media’s Instagram will also be featured. It is a work of love, sweat and tears, but ultimately, it is a new creation of a concept the founders forsee will take off.

“When creating, the challenge is seeing how far an idea can be pushed. However when teaming up with A La Mode Management, a new discovery was reached. There are no bounds, and BLUE{tiful} is the most ideal representation of greatness when working with the best,” said A.L. Roberts, co-founder and brand synergist of Why Blue Matters.

So many are struggling to break into the world of fashion or social media that they are spending their days desperate to find a niche. The founders of BLUE{tiful} have successfully given those same people a chance to fill that void and share their discoveries.

“In a world so full of innovation and creation one often struggles to find a way to be unique, original, or the first of its kind. We took the opportunity to build something with Why Blue Matters in the creation BLUE{tiful} and set out to revolutionize The World’s First Social Media Powered Magazine. I believe we not only did that, but with quality and innovation that will put us among some of the top magazines out, yet sets us apart,” said Tyson Moultrie co-founder and lifestyle manager of A La Mode Management Group & Co.

BLUE{tiful} is done and has a dynamic website to match the desire and vision of the founders. They also are proud to note apps for iOS, Android and the Amazon Kindle Marketplace will be available by Oct. 31, barring final format approvals. Interested users are encouraged to subscribe online and once released download the app to learn more about the magazine and the plans for the upcoming Fashion Week.
To learn more, visit www.bluetifulmag.com

For more information, contact:
Why Blue Matters® Creative Agency + Publication
Tyson Moultrie


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