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Girish Sharma – a disabled Badminton Champion

Girish Sharma

Girish Sharma

Girish Sharma is a living story teller who tells us that no matter what circumstances are, you can still be a Champion in your preferred field in your life. When he was two years old he lost his one leg in a train accident.

For most of us, this would be a huge set-back as the feeling of being disabled and handicapped severely attacks our mind and tells us that we can not do those things which normal people can.

But Girish had something else in his mind. He never let his disability to become a hurdle in achieving his dreams. Girish Sharma says “When I was a child, I used to play Cricket, Football, Badminton with normal children of my age. My disability was nowhere near in my mind.

I enjoyed those games as much as a normal person does.” What a spirit!

Girish Sharma

Girish Sharma

He even rides a bicycle in heavily traffic areas of city Rajkot without any problem. When I went to meet him, he was on the way and I was waiting for him. When I saw him coming, he was riding bicycle so fast! I was stunned by his self-confidence. He has won Gold Medal in Paraolympic Asia Cup for Disabled which was held in India. He has also represented India and played in other countries such as  Israel and Thailand. And he is going to participate in a world championship which is to be held in Germany in May, 2009. But shocking truth is that, he receives no monetary help from State Government or Indian Government. It costs around Rs. 80,000/- (approx US$1600) to participate in such an event which covers entry fee, to and fro flight charges. Girish Sharma’s financial position is not so good and still he has to bear all these expenses. This is rather a shameful truth to know that even though he leads India for the disabled, plays for country and brings Gold medals backhome, he is left unrecognized.

“Cricket players do receive handsome gifts and great monetary help from State and National Government.

Like when India won first Twenty20 World Championship in South Africa, every state government declared some great monetary gifts to players belonging to their state.

Like Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan were given some amount in crores. I am not asking for crores of rupees but at least am given few lakhs, it would really help me for attending various championships being held in India and worldwide”, says Girish Sharma.

Devang Vibhakar with Girish Sharma

Devang Vibhakar with Girish Sharma

He does six hour training every day. He has got one strong leg that he just doesn’t play standing but he moves around the court all the time to hit the shuttlecock. It’s truly amazing to watch him playing Badminton on court. He doesn’t let you feel that, he is disabled. He plays like a normal person. Even I played few shots with him when I went to meet him, and I felt like I had a normal opponent. Check out video to really feel what I’m talking about.

Girish says “When I meet companies and ask for their sponsorship for my trip, first thing that ask me is that who watch your sports?. Now, this is truly insulting one. Paraolympic is arranged after Olympics. Not only badminton but Swimming, Table Tennis and many other sports are played in Paraolympic. But in India only cricket is accepted as sports, where as other sports are ignored.”

Disabled Champions like Girish Sharma do not ask for crores of rupees from Government. Few lakhs would do. And they must get it from State or National Government. After all, he represents INDIA and brings Gold medals for her.


Devang Vibhakar is the Founder and Editor of www.SpeakBindas.com. He has interviewed more than 350 people. His effort was recognized by Limca Book of Records, twice. He has been to Scotland as well as Germany as part of vocational & cultural exchange programs and has compiled five books so far. He's passionate about bringing forth interesting stories & interviews of entrepreneurs to avid readers of SpeakBindas. He can be reached here.

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  1. Rakhee Bafna says:

    Dear Devang,

    It was nice to read your article. I am looking for contact details of Mr Girish Sharma. Could you please share them. We at Dr Batra’s are keen to give him an award at our Positive Health Awards event this year.

    Please provide the information and oblige.

    Rakhee Bafna

    1. Hello Rakhee,


      His cell number is: 098796 95318

      1. Pankhuri says:


        Is it surely Girish Sharma’s number? Do you have some email id too where i can send the mail, etc?

      2. Mukesh Ambwani says:

        This number is incorrect and it connects to some other Mr. Girish.

  2. nishu rathi says:

    to this type of govt. should shoot by 100 fire on the road a front of all country,s government…..

    1. Hello Nishu Rathi,

      Your agony is understandable. But what you said won’t solve the problem. There will be more then 🙂

      So, either the Government sincerely thinks about such players or people & media bring such players in Government’s notice, something can be done.

  3. shobhani says:

    very nice.
    i want to know ur birth date

  4. rijul dutta says:

    hi…i am a student of bits pilani and we want mr. girish kumar to be our chief guest for JUNOON 2014( sports event for specially abled). can u share his contact details or email id, so that we could contact him.
    thank you.

  5. Afrin Shaikh says:

    Hi, We are planning to feature Girish in our show which is going to aired on Zee, I need his contact detail can someone please provide me. Its little urgent.

    1. Afrin Shaikh: You can contact him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/girishv3

      1. Afrin Shaikh says:

        Hey Devang, I have been trying to get in touch with him but he is not replying, it will be really helpful if you provide me his number

  6. Nitin Mehta says:

    Dear Mr. Devang,
    Hi, Devang
    I am extremely happy to read your article about Girish Sharma.Hear I would like to inform you that I am working with one of the NGOs FELLOWSHIP OF THE PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED at Hajiali MUMBAI as an Editor of our quarterly magazine LAKSHYA. Since our forthcoming issue of the said magazine is on the subject of sports for the differently able, I request you to kindly send your same article on Girish Sharma with his photographs for our said magazine. Please also furnish information of other disabled players.Awaiting for your reply soon.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Nitin Mehta

    1. Hello Nitin,

      You can copy the content from this post itself, i.e. write-up and photographs for use of your magazine, provided you put the credentials intact, i.e. Devang Vibhakar, Editor, http://www.SpeakBindas.com

      Good luck.

  7. kiran says:

    it is not nice u fool



  9. mahara Ravindra says:

    hey I am student of MS university Baroda
    a head organizer of national level event PRERNA for the encouragement of differently abled
    I want him to be as our one of the sports man for our DA sports in our faculty

  10. girish sharma says:

    Hi I am girish sharma
    Hello friends Thanku for sporting me
    My mobile Number 08000799457

    1. ANNANYA says:

      pls tell me abt your life
      like your b’day and family etc.

    2. Ayaan Maknojia says:

      Sir can u let me know where do u live ?
      We have a program where we call a inspiration person who motives the youths to became like them.The program name is cafe we use to do in our community .

  11. lapata says:

    koi badi baat nahi hai

  12. balu says:

    exellent mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Drishya bhandary says:

    Really an amzing personality….having 2 legs v wont utilize it properly..but he with one leg …..hats off

  14. Harish says:

    The real Avanger…

  15. santosh rathod says:

    hi girish
    iam also handicapped batminton player i wish play badminton pls guide me

  16. Panchami bhat says:

    What a spirit in sports …………..!👌

  17. nimesh patel says:

    Dear girish ji ,
    Very inspiration…

  18. Khan says:

    Superb information
    I want date of birth and etc…
    Please help me if you know his birthday

  19. Sumanthmoses says:

    i want to know know Girish Sharma’s Date of Birth…..

  20. Arun says:

    Hats off man. Yor are the real hero

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  22. dhwani says:

    I am dhwani std 8 u r very inspiring uncle

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