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Nita Kulkarni an award winning blogger from India

Nita Kulkarni

Nita Kulkarni

Nita Kulkarni is a passionate Indian blogger from Mumbai, India. She has many Awards for writing her blog at http://nitawriter.wordpress.com. Speakbindas had this opportunity to have few words with her, which sheds some light on her writing.

Speakbindas: Hi, Nita. Tell us something about you.

Nita: I am a freelance writer based in Mumbai. I have worked for almost all the major newspapers on a freelance basis some time in my career and have also held full time jobs at A&M, Economic Times and Business Today.

Speakbindas: How did the love of writing started?

Nita: At the age of 8, writing stories and poems!

Speakbindas: Which are you favorite subjects for writing?

Nita: I am interested in the world and I like to write about any subject and try to give it a global context.

Speakbindas: Your inspiration for writing?
Nita: I don’t need inspiration. I never get writers block. For me writing is as natural as eating, in fact easier.

Speakbindas: Writing is your hobby or a profession? Shed some light on this.
Nita: It was an obsession when I was a student and became a profession as soon as I finished my studies. I hope to publish a novel one day.

Speakbindas: Like every other blogger, do you feel that you can not write all the words that come into your mind? Or you’re an exception?
Nita: As I said writing is my profession. If I don’t find the right words immediately, I struggle until I do.

Speakbindas: How does it feel winning awards for the creativity you love – writing?
Nita: Well, for me the blog awards speak more of the love shown to me by bloggers than an “award” and therefore it feels very good.

Speakbindas: Happiest moment of your life?

Nita: I have happy moments every day. For example yesterday when I was on my lawn trying to photograph a bird.

Speakbindas: Your take on current religions.

Nita: I do not believe in religion. I am an agnostic.

Speakbindas: Hmm.. enough of scratching head. Let’s get at ease. Your hobbies, Nita?

Nita: Photography is my hobby.

Speakbindas: Your favorite movies, dishes?
Nita: I love the classics, too many to note here. And where food is concerned I enjoy simple food as much as the fancy dishes.

Speakbindas: A special message to Speakbindas readers.
Nita: Write with your heart and soul and it’s bound to hook people!


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