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Golden college days

Purani jeans aur guitar, mohalle hi wo chat, aur mere yar, wo rato ko jagna, subah ghar ana kudake diwar, wo canteen jake table bajana, wo gane gana yaro ke sath, bas yadein, yadein, yadein reh jati he bas chhoti chhoti bate reh jati hai, bas yadein “ this is song by Ali Haider, which is one of my all time favorite song.

College, a place for dreamers, a place full of enthusiasm, a place full of fun, a place of education, a place where one comes to know himself better, a place which changes everyone’s life, a place where one challenges others, a place who gave leaders of future, a place where one lives golden life, a place which builds future generation, a place  where one struggles a lot to pass subjects, a place where one get lifetime friends, one place which is most favorite place of one’s life, no matter how old one is, he always wishes to visit his college at anytime of his busy life.

It was very short definition of college, but believe me when I asked many people which time of life they wish to live again, very few said childhood, many said college life.

My college is one of my favorite places in this beautiful world where I wish to visit often, at least once per year.

For me my life changed a lot after college. I became more responsible and mature. After finishing my college I choose academic field. At present, I’m a lecturer, but one of my faculties, her name is Dhara mam, she has taken many subjects of mine along the journey of my college life. She explained things so beautifully that none of questions remained in my mind. Whenever I was attending her lecture, I thought to become like her, she was my role model among all faculties. She was having great sense of humor, intelligence and smartness. She was blessed with beautiful voice with politeness. So, at my college time I was dreaming to become lecturer and I did it.

Another mam was also inspiring me to put my pencil sketches in college annual function exhibition. She gave me suggestion to work out more in this art of sketches and painting. I also did so and I made few paintings. My first written poem was published in my annual magazine. Many people admired me including my faculties and friends. Then I dreamed to be an author someday. I achieved my dream and I’m still working so hard to serve better articles to my dearest readers.

I got my best friends during my college with whom I laughed, danced, studied, cried, did  mischiefs, learned many new games which I have never tried before. One day I, Kinjal and Margee were seeing audition of dance for annual function. At that night I thought that we three are crazy and passionate for dance, we have to try. so, I talked with them and said let’s rock the world by our dance. Both agreed and then we choose songs. We woke up at 5 in early morning everyday and practiced. Then we performed in our function. We got unbelievable response. Crowd was screaming, they were asking for once more dance. We were so happy.

I participated in school many times. But this was the first time in college. It was one of my unforgettable and pleasant experiences in life. Then after, people used to call us shining stars. That was name of our dancing group. More students and faculties started to recognize us. Many of students and faculties said that for them that was a pleasant surprise to see us all on stage for dance. One felt great when someone admired after work.

My hostel life was full of colors, our rector, she was superb person. In hostel, we were having one common room, where all meetings were arranged. In that TV with cable connection was available. When we got time, we enjoyed by seeing movies on TV. But real fun occurred when cricket match was going on TV, especially India-Pakistan match. All girls gathered with dish, spoons and bottles, when Indian cricketer played well by hitting sixer or four, all made so much noise, we were batting for few rupees, sometimes bat for chocolate on match, just for  fun.

We used to learn salsa and garba till late night. We were studying on terrace. One interesting thing was there was network problem for mobile, so, when mobile rang we ran to terrace to capture proper network. It was funny but yet true. We had a little kitchen in our room, so I was experimenting with my cooking skills over there. But I was an average cook those days. Study was our main motto. On exams we were living on corn flakes, milk and maggi.

We saw many movies on first day first show. I have seen maximum movies in my college days. On exam time, I was live alarm, because due to tension, I was not able to sleep, so, people gave me time and I had to wake up them on given time. That was my free duty for friends. Ha ha. We celebrated holi, all were running in hostel with colors, I still remember that after this celebration we couldn’t see the real color of ground because it was covered with variety of colors. It was great to celebrate our festivals with friends.

I learned to take responsibilities for work. I became leader for many tasks during annual functions. I believe that we learn management in college during function. When a person is in college he or she is interested to change the whole world. Person tries to understand all its point of view to see any matter or to solve any problem. One is so enthusiastic to learn new things, to know people more closely. I believe that college is pioneer of the building of the life. Because after getting the degree, his or her career starts according to that discipline.

Many people have experienced first love in college. Some got their love, some didn’t. But when one failed to get love, suddenly became shayar. Ha ha ha.

College’s celebration week, like jeans day, rose day, tapori day, mismatch day, formal day, traditional day, signature day, injury day, vegetable day, fruits day, the list is endless but we were searching for innovative ideas.

This way we increased our imaginations and creativity to make things possible different way. College functions gave platform to students to rehearsal before jumping into the real world.

I miss my college parties, we had large ground in college, at navratri, D J party arranged who played garba for half time and then fusion songs. I enjoyed a lot my college days. Every year at least 6 parties were arranged by college and 3 at my hostel. I still remember my ragging at hostel. but it was fun.

How can I forget my canteen, where I enjoyed wada pau and dabeli several times. We were lucky in canteen. My college’s name is Sardar Vallabhbhai Institute of Technology, Vasad. This is situated approximately 20 km away from Baroda. Vasad is famous for Tuver Dal. We had three canteens in our campus. College is situated and built beautifully.

So, many times we bunked lectures and finished our practical files in canteen. We were discussing about different matters in canteen. It had become part of our life. We were playing antakshari several times. It was great days.

College gave me beautiful and unforgettable memories which I will keep in my little heart forever

Share your thoughts with me of your college, don’t you miss your college during your busy life of everyday.


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