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Do you believe in God?

Many a times I ask myself that do I believe in God? My soul replied ‘yes’. Then I asked myself that do I love him? Again I got answer from deep down inside me that yes I do, I love him a lot.

In 21st century when people are using more and more technology in day to day life, when life is so soft going for upper higher class, do they believe in God? I mean, is there any need in their life which can not be bought by means of money? yes, of course the list is endless. But really I believe that people go to temples to fulfill their needs, I mean to convince God to bless them. Mostly people leave things on God without doing any effort. Is this appropriate way to worship God? Really it’s useless in my point of view.

In the time of recession, people turned more to spirituality, but no one knows what  exactly it is. People are running after so called gurus to relieve from tension, business loss, personal relation problems etc. You know interesting thing is the same people did not believe on god before their loss.

But suddenly they come to know that we should turn to spirituality. Amazing na? According to a survey, famous Mandirs (temples) like Saibaba’s Madir in Shirdi, few mandirs in South are getting huge money now a days. People are in trouble due to recession.

I simply asked you one question that what is the need of god and spirituality in our day to day life? Can’t we live without that, of course we can. Almost 30 to 40 % of populations don’t believe in god. They are also living.

I believe that if you want to know god just read “Bhagwat Geeta” once. That’s it. Or you can refer any other religious scripture also. In each and every religion one thing is written that love others, work honestly, live simple life and worship god. But what most of the people are doing is that they are cheating others, hurting people’s feelings. Then they are going to temples, asking to fulfill their needs. What a world? I think they don’t have soul, which will stop them by doing wrong things. Few of our politicians are really sick. Every time they are cheating public then at election time they are visiting temples. It sounds so funny. I think god will also laugh on them and thinking “do they feel that I’m fool or blind? I have witnessed his dirty deeds. I hate if they come to me.” But politicians, they are shameless.

It’s not like that I’m only covering rich people and politicians. It’s for all who is not living their life right way. I hate show off regarding to any issue. If you believe in god then no need to do any showoff. But most of people are smart in that. One can worship god at home also, by starting any work with god’s name. It ‘s not necessary that you know all traditions that how to do pooja and all that. If you know then it’s really great but if one does not know then it’s ok. Your soul must be pure. I strongly believe that. I have seen many people they are doing so many wrong things in life but they are behaving that they are very honest. Hat’s off to their acting. Same way if criminals are going to Mandir, I don’t think that god will help them. One basic rule is there for god. Whatever tasks one has performed, he or she will get result according to that. In Gujarati, there is one saying that, “ jevu vavo tevu lano”.  In today’s era people are becoming more greedy by passing the time, and greed is a kind of feeling that will never ever get satisfied even though you give them whole world, after that they will need universe. Well, the thing is we should not spend more money for unnecessary things. Like if I’ll be very rich in future I’ll give amount to few organization, which are really working very hard to help others. I’ll not buy expensive gadgets or ornaments. If people will understand that to make happy others is more important than to make ourselves, then this world will become real heaven.

In the time of recession Americans are becoming more spiritual. Suddenly they wish to be close to god due to recession. It’s really funny.

My sister lives in U.S.A. She told me that this time due to crises, people didn’t spend much on X-Mas. People are not having much money to spend. But in churches people are more going than before.

It’s really miracle, but some where it made me sad. Because people are remembering god in their problems only. God is so kind that he accepts us in every way, because we are kids of almighty. But your love for god and worship should be uniform in any time, I mean, doesn’t matter your business is going on well or not.

Love should not decrease or increase according to circumstances. It should be uniform throughout your life. Definitely person by person opinion changes.

I have heard many people saying “In my life I have very small wish but god is not fulfilling it, I don’t believe god is in real.” I always said them that god is not shop kipper that if you will take your name, he will fulfill your wish, how can you blame them for any wrong things that occur in your life? Life is full of surprises; one should accept every situation in life. It’s not like that one will get happiness always till end of life, struggle is also part of it. One should understand it. Perform well in every task of life. No one should complain in front of God about ups and downs that occur in life. Accept all things with smile. That’s the way to live a happy life.

I don’t believe in any guru. I never trust them. I only believe in Shree Krishna. This is punch line of my life. “ work hard to fulfill your dreams, start your work with god’s name, do work passionately, give your 110% for that, even then if you don’t get success, don’t blame on god or circumstances, try once again, one day you will get your destination for sure”

My prayer to God.

Oh ! God, give me courage to achieve whatever I wish,
No matter how much I have to struggle, I’m ready for every exam,
I’ll be not sad because I know you love me a lot,
You are my almighty; you will not give any situation in which I’ll not survive.
I will accept every situation given by you in life, I’ll perform well,
I love you like kids love their parents till the end of my life,
I don’t know how to worship you, I only know that I’ll never hurt & cheat anyone,
Thanks to give me birth in India, I would like to reborn here only every time,
Thanks for giving me lovely day today,
Forgive me If I have done anything wrong in life,
Be with me in my soul forever till my death.
Make everyone happy, give peace to everyone & fill every one’s life with true love.

Love you God.

Do you believe in god or not? Share your thoughts here with me, as we are living in democratic country. So everyone is having right to express their thoughts.


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One thought on “Do you believe in God?

  1. Sarvesh says:

    Dear Neema.

    I really liked your views.

    I dont believe in God, neither do I disbelieve him. But I have begun my search.

    God is not something to be believed or disbelieved. In fact, this very tendency of people to believe or disbelieve God creates all conflict in the world. Nobody is searching. Everybody has concluded their own stuff without any personal search.
    None of us have experienced what God is. And none of us love him. But just to be on ‘safe’ side, we pretend that we love him.
    If we had really loved God, then we will begin to love every creation of his. You would not have hated the politicians. There is nothing sick about them only. We all are ‘politicians’ within. But we just pretend to be holier than others. And why will God laugh of others who are ignorant? You say read Bhagwad Geeta. Then how can you contradict Geeta so much? Krishna says ” Even a single leaf in this world cannot shake without my will”. So why will God laugh at them? God will be compassionate about their journey and will try to bring more awareness in them. So that some day they recognise the truth.
    So I feel one must not believe or disbelieve anything. Lets go to the depth of what is. And we will have to drop bhagwad geeta and all other scriptures first. Infact, they sometimes become hurdles in our own experience. A fresh start is must.
    Otherwise our beliefs in God will just be another attempt to fool God…:)

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